Monday, August 31, 2009

Cherry blossoms make me happy...

Gone Fishing....

Mr Honi took me away for a magical weekend away at Kims (ont toowoon bay beach on the Central Coast)

I've got some glorious pics to share but I left my camera at home and am posting from my mobile.

This shot is taken from our room looking out onto the ocean.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

Just a quick snap of my bits and pieces coming together for The Quilt Project. I know I said I wasn't going to tell what I'm making it out of, but here's a bit of a sneak peak of the materials.
Tell ya what, I'm LOVING only working with red! It really forces you to think more about the design being great and not relying on the colour scheme.

This is my handbag travel sewing kit - mini scissors, mini unpicker, leather thimble, vintage needle book, threads and ziplock bag (for thread and material scraps) and it's all inside an OPSM case that was my Grandmas. Super handy size that I can take anywhere!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crafty Beers

It was lovely to have a little catch up with the lovely Brown Owls last night for a bit of a drink and a lot of crafty talk.

Amanda didn't wanther picture taken!!!! Thankyou Jenny and Jess for posing nicely

Our token male guest decided it would be hilarious to use his crafty skills on hair..

Maz brought out her cat embroidery project.....again.....longest timeline ever!! (she's been working on it since year 9 i think!!)

Corey and I in a lovely pose, sans craft

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm wearing blue stockings today and they make me feel very happy. Sounds silly but the brighter the clothes I wear, the happier I feel!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rug Going cheap - free in fact!

I ask you...have you ever, or do you known anyone to buy a rug at full price??? I don't think I've ever seen a rug shop whose windows aren't filled with fluro orange starbust signs announcing "up to 70% off" discounts.

So here's the rug sale, to beat all rug's FREE!!! The catch is you gotta pick it up from SYDNEY.
It's a really lovely rug measuring 77” x 115”. We had it in our old place, but the colour scheme just doesn't match anymore. It's in good condition but needs a good vacuum

If you want it, leave me a comment and I'll draw the winner on THURSDAY. I'm also extending the Filing cabinet and surfboard till THURSDAY as well. If no-one takes this stuff then it's going on council clean up on the weekend!!

ps - I can't talk about a rug without thinking of those completely hysterically, totally un-politically correct Fast Forward skits about the 'Fukurri Rugs'.
Which then reminded me of this skit that literally makes me wet myself...

Weekend and S&C mini wrap up

Well I had a lovely weekend
  • filling up a skip bin.....

  • meeting the lovely Kristy and her super cute bub, who took my dress form to a new home
  • and helping a dear friend, the super crafty Lisa at the Stitches and Craft show.
I have more pics to come of my little bounty of goodies from the show. I just could resist a vintage girl brooch and scrabble cufflinks from the delightful Michelle!!

I thought it was a great market ( I didn't actually make it last year). The Quilt and Craft was fantastic, but it's too huge to do in one day. I found that the S&C show was a nice size and had a good selection of things on offer – and not just multiples of similar stalls.
I loved the incubator section which displayed some utterly beautiful creations by such lovely, crafty, gals. I was so very impressed. I also got a little “star stuck” when I met some “crafting idols” such as Dear Fii, Justine from Mixtape and the super friendly Jodie from Ric Rac.

Local wildlife

We are surrounded by birds, lizards adn possums at our place. There are so many different birds, and it sounds so lovely in the morning to be woken up by their songs. Here are just a few pics of Daphne the lizard (my Gram named her) and a Bush Turkey (they are a total menace and dig up all the bark and dirt to make their nest behind our place)
I love that we have so many beautiful creatures around us. I could NEVER live in an inner city apartment!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

and another item up for grabs!

My Lovely new desk in the craft room has 2 neat little drawers for filing, so we no longer need this brilliant filing cabinet (Measurements: 18” w x 26”h x 21”d)

It's uber sturdy and works well - but the bottom drawer doesn't comepletely close - it's just slightly off, but I'm sure a capable handy husband could fix it (Mr Honi's simply never attempted to fix it in the past)

Only for pick up in SYDNEY. Leave me a comment if you'd like ther filing cabinet, and I'll draw this one on TUESDAY

Ps- You are able to leave a comment on each item I post if you want each item. I use the random generator to pick the winner (your number is the order in which you commented) which means it is all fair and randomly drawn. If you win multiple items - that's ok :)

PPS - No, I'm pretty positive that your luck won't run out if you "bid" for several items :)

PPPS - Yes, I know I should post ALL the items i intend on getting rid of so that you can "hold out" for something you really want, but I'm still unsure myself!! It is literally a case of loading each item up here as I find them in the garage!!

Next Item Up for Grabs.

Well, it appears that my beloved dressmakers bust didn't have quite the attraction I thought she would with only 2 players in the game. All good though! I entered the 2 players into the random generator, and the winner is KRISTY @ Lower your presser Foot!

Kristy - I will send you an email re picking her up :)

Next item up for grabs is a surfboard.

I bought this from a car boot sale with the intention of painting it and make it a totally super, radically awesome wall hanging.
The surfboard has been sitting in my kitchen now for oh, around 3 years. So it's time for it to go to a better home!

Again, this is only for people who can pick the item up from SYDNEY. If you would like to go into the draw for this Surfboard, please leave me a comment indicating you'd like it! I will draw this one on MONDAY!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

I've finally finished my design for the Quilt Project!!!

Now I just have to start the stitching. It will be mixed media - but I'm keeping it a little bit secret as to what mediums I'll be using!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Giveaway Begins!!

The Car boot sale on Sunday went wonderfully and it was lovely to see Lisa's smiling face pop in to say hello. Most of our vintage goodies disappeared at around 7.30!!! We had hungry dealers swarming the table quoting "you guys have the best stall here"
This is Mama Honi manning the stall. (Mr Honi stuck that little label on her that said "Dishwasher, $15")

Moving all those boxes of things to sell meant that I was finally able to get in and start taking some pictures of some of the items I have available for the Super Duper Giveaway!!

So, first item up for grabs is my beloved sewing mannequin. I purchased her from eBay a while ago, and gave her some much needed TLC. Unfortunately her bust is not as well endowed as mine and nothing I pin to her seems to fit me in the end! She would make a lovely display item, but Mr Honi and I just don't have the space.

She's made from plaster, is a little wonky and needs a little loving care (just tightening up all the screws a bit) - but she's going free to a good home!! She's on a stand and can extend to adult height

Please note: This is for people in SYDNEY ONLY as she is too large to post.

If you want her, simply leave a comment below. I will randomly draw a winner in 48 hours. If you are the winner I will email you, and we will need to arrange PICK UP from SYDNEY.

Good Luck!!

Out of the mouths of…..husbands..

Mr Honi replied with the following statement, when I asked him if I just caught him picking his nose….

“No, I was simply completing congestion prevention”

Friday, August 14, 2009

SYDNEY: Vintage Car Boot Sale

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll up!! The North Ryde Car Boot Sale is on THIS WEEKEND!!

Time: Sunday 16th August, from around 9a
Location: Corner of Twin and Badajoz Rds, North Ryde

I’ll be there with my family selling a HEAP of vintage things like:
- Coalport flower baskets and figurines
- Fur Coat and some other clothing items
- Glass and crystal vases and plates
- Table cloths
- Cards and wrapping paper
- Oil paintings
- Loads of other random vintage items

100% vintage items from our recent clean out of my Grandparents house.

Come to peruse the wares or just to say hello!! J (We’ll be there with a large white 4WD and a BMW if you don’t know what I look like!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Go West.... is peaceful there, GooooWest.....
ah, you know the rest!!

Tomorrow I'm popping over to Perth in Western Australia for 2 days for work. I'm lucky enough to have a whole Saturday to my self which means just a little retail therapy and sightseeing!

As I've never been there before, I'd love if anyone could tell me of a few cool places to go to!
Any funky shops, cafes, restaurants etc??

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Other news....

Stevie Buttons* has found a new place to survey the goings on of the household....

*her name is Buttons, but Mr Honi refused to call out "buttons" each night to call her in as he thought it sounded wussy.
So he re-named her Steve.
We've compromised on Stevie B, or Stevie Buttons

Something Special

I'm a part of something Very Special.....

Something exiciting, inspiring and fun.

Now I just need to bring all of my wild ideas into one nice design......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maybe I have OCD about Colour??

Last night I worked with an autistic like pedantic-ness to sort out my Buttons and Thread.

Now some might gasp and say “but you have several large boxes to unpack – why do something so trivial?”??

I know, I hear ya and I see that teetering pile of boxes, but I was driven by a greater force.
I was having dreams about it, I was thinking about it at work I was consumed with it and then I saw the several posts on Amy’s blog about colour, and it was almost like fate. I just had to do it.

So I spent around 3-4 hours sorting out all my threads and buttons by colour

And then placed each colour into separate plastic bags and then into Vintage tins.

I can now sleep and think clearly – I think sometimes I do have a little OCD in me!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Homely Home..

All of my energies this weekend have still be on the house and it's really feeling like a home now.
Mr Honi has done a magnificent job on the front garden and I'll post some of the pics soon when it's completed. We had a lovely little trip to the garden centre on Saturday as it was too nice a day to spend cooped up inside.

Here what I've dubbed "IKEA Corner". The small canvas is just sitting there at the moment until I find a perfect place for it. Eventually there will be 4 mirrors in a line down that wall.

and I have FINALLY finished my feature wall! I'm super impressed with it actually.