Monday, April 14, 2008

This. Amazed. Me

A camera, mounted to the trunk of an elephant, designed to get "candid" images of other wildlife...

This is my.....perfect Dinner Party

This Weeks "this is" topic, is proudly presented by Lily and Agathe

This one proved a little challenging for me actually. Other than my dear friends and Mr Honi, I really had to think about who else I would invite!!

1. I think I would have this splendid man (hoping he would delight the group in a little "pre-dinner serenade"...)

2. The Queen. Now, she sometimes seems like a right old snob, but after watching the series on TV about the Royal Family, I think she'd have quite a "british" sense of humour!! Plus I like her colour coordination skills and her brolly. And I wouldn't complain if she felt like bringing her grandsons along either!! ;)

3. And finally, Max Dupain to teach me some skills in photography

I could go on and on for ages though i would also like Nick Drake , Beatrix Potter , Rob Machado, Donavon Frakenreiter, and many, many more!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shop Updated - Mothers Day Cards

I have just updated the shop with some of the old fashioned peg dollies, and some cards for Mothers Day. For once I'm early with something!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thrifting in my own house...

....yes, it sounds weird, but i did it the other day. My darling Ma is getting a new kitchen and took some boxes of old bits and pieces into the storage room under the house. That's when all hell broke loose and an avalanche of boxes and bits and pieces rained down on her.

So, I offered to take a day off work to go around and help her start to clean it out (which I've been saying I'd do for YEARS)

So just to set the scene - I rocked up at 7.30am to a room the size of an average bathroom completely filled floor to ceiling with boxes. I've never really thought about what's in there until we started tro clean.

And OMG, did I hit the jackpot!!! Turns out my aunty, great aunt and grandma are ALL Hoarders and don't appear to throw anything out- they just store it at Mum's!!
So infront of me were boxes FILLED with Vintage goodness! We only managed to get through about 10 boxes (theres about another 30-40 to go!)

and just look what I found......
About 30 odd "old fashioned peg doll" kits my mum made up about 20 years ago (Now I know where my craftyness comes from!!) I remember going to a market with her and she only sold ONE kit. She was so upset that she boxed them up and never tried to sell them again, which was so sad.

So I made one up, and thy are SUPER cute. So I'm going to sell them on Etsy for my Ma :) Just need the time to load them!!!

the most gorgeous mini Swan Lake pictures (now on my inspiration wall)

and about 10 big eyed girl/boy pictures! This was my fave.

Plus sooo much stuff I am yet to take pictures of including Figgjo Dinner Set, orange floral 70's tea set, 50's gloves, 70's cluster rings, vinatage cake plates...oooo soo much!!!

This is my.....knick knack / jewellery box

Well, it appears that someone is VERY slack with their posting! :( Sorry girls!

Between working draining hours, organising a hens day in the Hunter Valley and trying to get some sleep (we have possums in the floor [we live above a house, so it's thier roof / floor] and the buggers sound like they're playing soccer at 4am EVERY morning) I haven't had much time to post!
But for this week's "this is" theme, the lovely Anastasia selected "This is my knick knack / jewellery box" which I was very excited about

This is jewellery box. a Vintage mini closet that my Great Aunt gave me. First drawer has bracelets, neckalces in the second, rings in the third and buttons/badges in the bottom drawer.

Then for all my earrings I use one of those display dollies. I ADORE earrings. I reckon you can wear any plain old outfit and make it look fantastic with a big pairof earrings.