Sunday, August 8, 2010


Fricken hot and very old. Am loving Rome- its so pretty! Will be size of house if I ate all the gorgeous food though!


Worlds largest macaron in Vienna. Seriously this thing was almost the size of a cheesburger!! Vienna is beautiful and up there with Berlin in regards to 'trip highlights'. It's clean and well maintained and the people are quite friendly.

We went to a 'wine garden' last night and had traditional Vienese food and wine (which was LETHAL!) Off to Slovenia tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to! Xx

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More of Prague

Prague has definitely been all I expected it to be. Amazing old buildings that are hundreds or years old. Kind of hard to conprehend that a building is 3 times as old as Australia! Xx


Water and Lights show in Prague. Was a little creepy cause it was in an old 1800's 'exhibition centre' that felt like an old deserted carnival. Am VERY tired today. Loads of sight seeing!


Wow- what a place! Had heard that Dresden was the 'most miserable place in the world' but I beg to differ. It was absolutely gorgeous (and quite hot) Most of Dresden was demolished during the war but they have painstakingly restored a lot of the historic buildings to their former glory. Next stop tonight is Prague and I am uber excited about that! Love to you all x