Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Run rabbit, run rabbit run, run, run

Last Thursday when I was walking home from work I spotted this little guy just sitting there on the sidewalk happily nibbling at some grass. I had to do a double take because so many people had just walked straight past him and not noticed! Nor had he actually - he seemed quite unfazed with the passing parade.

I live in the suburbs - 5 mins walk from a large Business Park so it's a pretty developed area. We do back onto parklands, but this is just gorgeous!

I thought I'd never see him again - but every morning when Mr Honi drops me off at work, we've pulled over and there he is! I think this bush must be his home.
He totally reminds me of this divine Belle and Boo.... image

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

My Creative Space this week is again my coffee table. This time it's filled with wedding crafts. I'm re-covering disposable camera's - they had a pretty awful cover on them before. We want to pur on on each table. They'll be purple though, not pink

Painting mini canvases so that I can write on them easily. These are going to be the place settings for our guests.

this is just a test one, but i'm pretty darned happy with them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thrifted Tuesday

Posting things I got on Saturday :) These are the things that Mr Honi bough for me. He hates all my clutter, so it meant a whole lot that he bought these things for me!!
Japanese salt and pepper shakers. they look like Coalport, but they've just got "japan" on the bottom.
Rose beads. They look like celluloid or ivory, but they're just plastic. but I lOVE them
a very cute dress (BNWT!!! seems my Vinnies is taking on a lot of unsold stock from clothing retailers- even Wedding dresses!!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The man knows how to please me!

Mr Honi was the ultimate romantic and sure knew how to spoil me on Valentines day!! We don;t really do gifts, but he bought me:
- A Lovely bunch of tulips (he knows I prefer different flowers to roses)

In the background, you can just see the vase that we bought for our wedding tables. They're like stained glass and will look wonderful on the every table.
- Breakfast at our local haunt
- TWO pairs of the most gorgeous shoes EVER!

AND...3 lovely items from my fave Vinnies!! (which I will post about later)

Friday, February 13, 2009

just too overwhelmed

I’m sitting at my desk at work, reading through my Bloglines list of blogs and I have tears in my eyes.
I could not help but cry when I’m reading about all the kindness that is out there – especially within this crafting community. The bushfires have brought out the best in us Aussies and it really restores my faith in humanity to seem so much love and generosity being spread around.
I am overwhelmed with all the stories on the TV – the brave heros, and the tragic losses. I’ve donated money and I’m going to donate blood but as a lot of people have said, it doesn’t feel like enough but at least it’s something.
My heart goes out to anyone affected, and to all those lovely souls who there, on the ground helping those affected.
We had rain so heavy this morning that I couldn’t hear properly. I hope the rain moves down the coast to where it’s really needed

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

My Creative space this week is my coffee table (game curtesy of the lovely Kirsty at Kootoyoo).

I finally went through my leaning tower of "Real Living" and "House and "Garden" magazines, and cut out all the inspirational pictures.

I like to keep magazines, but as i get 2-3 each month they clutter up the house pretty quickly. So i only keep Frankie magazines in full (because every page is just sooo good!) and I cut out the articles and pictures I like in the other magazines and stick them into a special book.

Then I give the mags to Mum to read.

I LOVE my coasters along the top of the table. Mr Honi bought them from NZ for me last year.

AND I love having all my pens in rainbow coloured order. I have done this since I was child with my Crayola set. I hated those kids who would break them or mix up the colour arrangement!

this is one of my fave room designs - I love the floral chair mixed with the bright walls and spotted lamp shade.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mr Honi's a crafter!!

He hates me saying that - so ok, he's a wood worker or carpenter, not a crafter.

He made himself a workbench yesterday and borrowed some of my Dad's tools to fix a little stool he made at school many years ago. He chiseled away the peices of wood to create joints and then used some glue to strengthen it.

Still needs a lid, but how good does it look!! I can;t wait till we have our own place with a "workshed" and Mr Honi can make a heap of furniture for the place:)

My retro Dress

Made from Vinnies fabric. Am super impressed with it. Sewing was about the only thing I could manage in the heat last weekend. It was oppressive.

On a side note - my thoughts and love are with anyone affected by the fires in Vic, and their friends and families.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

My creative space (from the lovely Kirsty over at Kootoyoo) this week is my sewing/craft table. I've been making a pretty Valentines card for Mr Honi, but as he occasionally reads this blog I can't post a picture till later :)

A quilting we will go....

Slow but good progress with the quilt for a friends baby. The bub is now 3 months old now, so based on my progress, she'll be in year one by the time i finish it!!

Nah, I hope i get it done within the next month - before manic wedding stress kicks in!! (not that Mr Honi or I have been one bit stressed with the planning so far. It has been surprisingly calm and easy!!)

I'm going to put pictures in each of the four corners.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pencil Case

I needed a new pencil case for all my bits and pieces I use all the time. The old one had become a bit shabby. So I grabbed a towel sample my darling Aunty gave me and and added a contrasting zipper (one of my neatest inserts yet!!) and viola! A bright new pencil case!!


My lovely Lambs arrived the other day - thanks Kirtsy!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Love is..

....when your fiancee:
- checks to see if there are any craft conventions in Vegas (when we're there on our honeymoon)
- checks the internet to see where the Martha Stewart show is filmed to see if he can get me tickets.

Thrifted Tuesday (but on Sunday, posted Monday)

The thrifting gods were shining down on me yet again. I found sooo many things to buy, and as I was just putting a few things away (as the wedding budget doesn't allow much spending) i saw the sign. 50% off all items.
So I walked away with...

A needlepoint book (which Darling Mr Honi found for me)

A gorgeous blue elephant that I passed up the week before, but I reckon if it lasts a week in Vinnies, and is there when I go back then it's fated to be mine!

2 lovely pillow cases, and a piece of material

and then this little beauty. I couldn't resist it.

And I got the whole lot for $12!!!! Could I be any happier??