Monday, June 13, 2011

Glitter Shoes

Wow - has it really been TWO MONTHS since I last posted??

I'm fickle with my social networking these days - at the moment all I really have time for is Instagram - which I love!! It allows me to post pictures of what I've been doing directly from my mobile. You can find me on Instagram under honidesign

Anyway I thought I'd post some pictures of one of my latest projects - transforming a friends pair of shoes that had been ruined by an ink stain..Here are the shoes before - Brown suede..

(BTW - i have noticed that a LOT of my 'crafting shots' have a glass of wine in the background!!)
And here are the shoes after!! Like a Blue Dorothy shoes, glittering like stars.

If you have a pair of old shoes that you like but are damaged, or you no longer wear them - i can transform them for you! Either like the ones above, or a variation of the fabric covered ones I made a while ago (image here) Just shoot me an email ( honidesign @ gmail . com - minus the spaces) if you're interested!