Friday, April 17, 2009

We will resume normal programming shortly.....

Tomorrow is the big wedding day!!!
My dress is stunning and my husband-to-be is even more stunning :) I'm quite relaxed and quite calm - which is surprising as I thought I would be more stressed out.
I'll leave you with the lyrics to "The Book of Love" (which is our bridal waltz and the song Dave proposed to me during)

Back to normal blogging Mid May. I will hopefully post a few pics of my dress and the honeymoon along the way. Much Love!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I Promised myself that I'd get this finished before the wedding - and I DID IT!!!! IT's my very first quilt that I've completely finished. I am sooooo proud of myself!

You can see Steve in the background sitting on my sewing table, just watching everything I do.

Ps- I bought a metal quilting foot from eBay and it is soooo much better!! Note to self - never buy plastic sewing feet.

Only 5 more sleeps...

...till my wedding!!! YAYAY!!!! Wow the time has flown!!
Here are some of the Bomaderry ready to go!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love my collection!!

my china shelf with all my beautiful things. The three lambs are from the lovely Kirsty, the deer at the back right is EXACTLY the same as Lisa's (SPOOKY!!!) and the rest are either from vinnies or eBay!!
Mr Honi broke the girl on the telephone at the back and wasn't going to tell me, but she's fixed now and good as new :)

the next shelf down contains my "asian dollies". Dad bought me the 2 red ones (cause they reminded him of me with the eyelashes ) and he also bought the little momji too. I have a new momiji but I took this pic before I got her. And the one at the front is my beloved Unazukin

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So damn annoyed!

Just when I thought I had fixed my quilting foot (I melted the the hole to make it bigger so that the needle wasn't going through the plastic) another bit broke! I have a feeling that it was weakening and that's why the needle was piercing the plastic bit.

Anyway, the whole piece that attaches it to the arm just snapped off!! I am just soooo annoyed! One row left to do and I'm stuffed! I have a good mind to send it back to Brother with a big complaint letter. I don't normally do that but this has got me sooo mad!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

My Creative space this week, it filled with tissues, butter-menthols and codral clod and flu!!

I decided to drag myself from the couch to the table yesterday in an attempt to make myself feel a bit better from this nasty cold. As I only have 16 SLEEPS UNTIL THE WEDDING!! (OMG!!) I knew that I had to face my fears and finish this quilt so I can give it to the bub for her christening! I surprised myself and actually did a REALLY good job of machine quilting! I had visions of puckering, gathering, pulled stitches and general disasters, but it's turned out really, really well!!

Well that was until my sewing foot, decided to go a bit wonky and move itself under the needle which meant I sewed through plastic! Once I had done that, the needle continued to gravitate towards that hole and I kept on sewing through the hole. I used my bejeweller hot stick thing to melt that little bit of the plastic away, but it's sewing all wonky now.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?? Is it possible to quilt without this foot?? I only have ONE ROW to finish!!! I'm soo frustrated!!

Onto more frustration......because of my lurgy filled body, I had to say No to the Brown Owls meet last night. I was soo sad because I had been looking forward to it since the last one! Anyway, they were learning to crochet, so I decided to try it for myself.

I definitely haven't done it correctly though, because all my corners rounded themselves up.

So, it's now become a raspberry beret for my beloved Blythe
This is a great game, thanks Kirsty! If you want to play, hop on over here!