Monday, September 29, 2008

Babies Quilt

Two very close friends are having babies at the end of this year, so I have decided to make them each and alphabet quilts.

These are the letters that I made this weekend.
And this is a mock up - but I won't be using this material - i just wanted to see how it would all look.

and this is a close-up of the quilting. I just used a swirly pattern. I didn't draw it out. I just moved it around the sewing machine filling in all the spaces.

One girl knows what she's having, and the other one doesn't. I'm not too sure what the colour schemes are in their baby rooms, so I was thinking of simply having a white background, and then rainbow coloured letters. This quilt from "Last Minute Patchwork and quilted gifts" book gave me inspiration.

I REALLY want that book - and I got REALLY annoyed the other day at Borders. They said they had one in store but it was no-where to be found. It really bugs me when people can't put things back in the right places!!

More stitching

I finally finished my "Faraway" badge. Now I just need to work out if I put it on a bag or an apron....

Sydney Brown Owls Meet

Finally getting around to posting about the Sydney Brown Owls meet we had last weekend at Material Obsession in Gladesville.

It was lovely meeting Cass , Amy , Jess and Linda and chatting together about all things crafty while we stitched Kootoyoo's "sewing roll". It was a great morning, and I can't wait till our next catch up!
All of us stitching together. The place is FILLED wit the most gorgeous and inspiring quilts!

My creation from Kootoyoo's pattern. Also pictured are some gorgeous buttons that I got from Amy - and she also made a stunning Puzzle ball. I felt so spoilt! Cass also made some gorgeous little notebooks for each of us. I felt totally spoilt!! I forgot to photograph it all but I will soon :)
All the lovely goodies that Cass brought with her :)

Girls, it was a great day - thankyou!! Hopefully next meet some more Sydney Brown Owls like Ingrid, Anika and Corrie , Sheridan, Sarah, Kate, and Bianca can make it!!

On my desk....

Well, it's not Wednesday, but I'm working from home today with a bit of a stomach bug so i actually have a little bit of time to post something here!! I've had about 4 posts drafted, but haven't had the time to upload them.

Ok, so on my desk at the moment is about 20 new squares for my quilt - pinned and ready for sewing....
and this gorgeous new Bankers Lamp that Mr Honi bought for me. While i was at theBrown Owls meet, he went to a Church Fair (where we're getting married) and scouted through the jumble tables and found this lamp for me. It's a nice old antique one too - not a modern "remake" one.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

this all time fave band

little slow on the "This is" meme this week! We're without a computer or internet accesss at home at the moment, and it's driving me crazy!
Mr Honi and I spent the weekend designing our wedding invitations. I made 3 mock ups (which I will psot later) and we think we've picked a winner. Now we just need to decide if I make them all, or give my prototype to the lovely ladies here to make them for me??

Anyway, here they are, my FAVE band of ALL time (i have a lot of other faves too, but these guys are my uber fave)
The Kings of Leon.

I can't embed the video clip "King of the Rodeo" but do yourself a favour and have a listen if you're not familiar with them!! They;ve got a new CD coming out on 23rd September as well. Look at them.....Rock. Gods.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jack of all trades.....

......master of none. Having a bit of a "deep think" at the moment. Basically I LOVE all types of craft- photography, knitting, paperwork, beading, wire work, quilting, painting, sewing –“MAKING THINGS” in general.
I make lots of little different things but I don't have one item that screams "honi design". For example, each and every one of you can recognise the work of some of these lovely girls : "The Black Apple", "Aunty Cookie", "Lara Cameron", “Hokey” and "PipiJoe".
I don't know if it's because of my Gemini "Twin sides" but everything I make has a different feel to it. There are no recurring themes, trends or distinguishing features about my work. I love all sorts of “feels” too. The 50’s and 60’s kitsch, 70’s things, floral things, shabby chic, smooth Swedish style design- and I guess each different thing I do reflects a different selection of my passions.

I would like to be REALLY good at one thing- not just ‘kinda good’ at everything. But which “thing” do I focus on? I love too many things!

Was it hard for all of you to come up with your signature items that make you unique?

Sorry, this isn’t like me to have a post like this, but it dawned on me last night how scattered my work is! I was making the clay moulds (post below) and then I stopped doing that and made these rings below out of Buttons and Wire. I showed Mr Honi and he loved them but in showing him I realised how completely random the two things were. Then I started thinking about having a stall at a market and how dis-jointed it would be – like 10 different people submitted work.
Maybe diversity is my “thing"

Gold Lion & drying time

I made a large batch of clay moulds - and used a few new shapes too. There's a bear, and elf, castles the owl and a trutle and frog but I don't like these two very much.

I used silver powder on the castle
and gold powder for the lion. I love this one!! I;m thinking of maybe doing a bit of a Gustav Klimt paint job on the lion.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring has Srpung!

Walking to work today it really felt like Spring. The birds were singing, the air smelt fresh and the people I passed seemed more pleasant than normal and actually returned my smiles. This winter has taken then life outta me! Snuggling in front of open fires was nice for a while but I'm over it now.
Welcome back Spring!! Thanks to It's Jerry Time for the image
PS- Click on the link to my etsy shop as I finally loaded new things on there!!!!


Mr Honi and I had a LOVELY weekend. We had lunch on one of my favourite pubs - PJ's in Drummoyne. I love the decor and the cosiness of it!
Then yesterday we went Strike Bowling! I haven't been bowling in AGES and it was soo much fun.
Mr Honi has a rather large and rather terrifying (if you're standing behind him) wind up.
Then we caught a ferry back to our car. On the walk home we passed a construction site where massive units are being built amongst sweet, quaint little houses. It's such a shame as it already looks like it's going to be a modern monstrosity compared to the heritage houses surrounding it. Anyway, on the edge of a pile of discarded items they've obviously found on the dig I found the head of a china doll. I have no idea if she's old or worth anything (if she had a body) but I just thought she was quite interesting! :) It wasn't stealing as it was in the rubbish pile and i felt funny picking her up but I just had to rescue her!

This favourite fabric / craft shop

thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks theme!

This is my fave fabric shop - Material Obsession in Gladesville I just realised that they have a blog too!

My other fave craft stores are:
Riot Art