Monday, September 29, 2008

Babies Quilt

Two very close friends are having babies at the end of this year, so I have decided to make them each and alphabet quilts.

These are the letters that I made this weekend.
And this is a mock up - but I won't be using this material - i just wanted to see how it would all look.

and this is a close-up of the quilting. I just used a swirly pattern. I didn't draw it out. I just moved it around the sewing machine filling in all the spaces.

One girl knows what she's having, and the other one doesn't. I'm not too sure what the colour schemes are in their baby rooms, so I was thinking of simply having a white background, and then rainbow coloured letters. This quilt from "Last Minute Patchwork and quilted gifts" book gave me inspiration.

I REALLY want that book - and I got REALLY annoyed the other day at Borders. They said they had one in store but it was no-where to be found. It really bugs me when people can't put things back in the right places!!


AnastasiaC said...

the quilt is going to look great!! seems like everyone is having babies huh? two of my friends recently had bubs too! makes me clucky all over again!

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