Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My new FAVE book!!

As I missed the Brown Owls crochet night, I decided to have another stab at learning to crochet! My first attempts resembled mini beret's as they kept curling. Plus my fingers ached from not holding the cord correctly.

So, I thought I should probably read some proper instructions rather than just "winging it". This attempt was a miserable failure too (in hindsight, I blame the instructions I found on the Internet).

Then a miracle happened. I bought the wonderful Meet me at Mikes book (here) and within one hour of following Pip's easy directions, I made this little beauty, and even maned to change colours!!!!

The wool I used was some cheapy stuff from BigW but I love it because it changes colours every inch or so.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It truly is the Happiest place on Earth...

Well we're back safe and sound. Mr Honi and I enjoyed a wonderful 31/2 week honeymoon in Hawaii, Vegas and DISNEYLAND!!!!!

I completely loved Disneyland and I can't wait till we have children so we can take them there!

Here are just a few piccies of the happiest place on earth!

I'm super excited about the next few weeks - getting to meet a few more Brown Owls (I've missed a few meets) heading to the Sydney Quilt and Craft fair and finishing off my next quilt. Stay tuned for crafty goodness!!