Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inspired + 2009 resolution

Well, the lovely Veronica Darling has inspired me with her "100 Outfits" pledege. I'm going to try my very bestest this year to "refashion, remodel, and create" as many outfits as possible. I might even do the "Wardrobe Refashion" pledge again. So when I needed a new dress to wear this New Years to a BBQ, I decided to make one.

I made it without a pattern (loosely based on a dress I own now) and i'm prety darn pleased with the way it turned out considering it started life as a bedsheet from Vinnies!!
The back kinda fishtails and sits really nicely. This pic just kinda shows how simple the pattern is. Just 2 large squares...

this is why.....

i keep a camera with me at all times.

I see so many cool things and I'm fascinated odd little things- and it's much easier than explaining all the aweseome things I see in a day. (this is the BEST list of things I've ever heard though!!)
houses on trucks are pretty cool to watch.

If i owned a shop, I'd like it to be this one..

Good Deeds this Chrissie

I decided to do something with a bit of meaning this Christmas. So on Christmas Eve I went into the Salvation Army (with a heap of people from work) and helped set up for Christmas Lunch at the Carriage Works in Redfern. It was a huge day and although I only helped set up, I pictured the anticipated 1200+ people sitting down to a hearty meal on Christmas day and it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy....

Tell you what - it also restored my faith in humanity. Above is a picture of SOME of the presents donated over the chrissie period for needy children.

It's definitely something I'll be doing again next year

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bags, Tags and Cookies

I've been crafting up a storm last weekend. Baking, sewing, gluing, beading etc, etc. Mr Honi was quite amazed.

I managed to fulfil the orders I had at work for a few of these handy bags (great for lunch or a spare pair of shoes if you're walking to work)
these are the different materials I made some of them in. I love this yellow one above - it's was a pre-loved bed sheet from Vinnies!

(my camera is looking a little blurry around the edges. It had a little fall off the table on Sunday)

My present tags (i have a major thing for vintage baubles)

and the wonderful gingerbread men I made. The cookie cutters are super cute and have bites already taken out of them.
I am totally into the festive season now and can't wait to give presents on Thursday!!!

Is it Cat nip or Pussy Willow??

Stevie enjoying the warmth of a terracotta pot

Friday, December 12, 2008

I've Missed you all!!!

Oh dear Bloggers, how I have missed thee!! After a long period of non-blogginess I am ready to start posting again. While I was away I didn’t get time to read all of your wonderful posts so I was a bit daunted when I came back to blogs FILLED with posts I had to catch up on. Plus I was so hectic with other things I hadn’t been my usual crafty self – even Mr Honi mentioned it.
So now, I am back into the crafty swing of things and have been delighting in making a few Chrissie things.

Thanks to Mikes link to the Pattern Bee free Chrissie patterns I made this little caroller the other night. I think she’d destined for Mum's Chrissie card

Find of the century!!

Bring on the holiday council clean ups!! People being ruthless and getting rid of all their old possessions. On Wednesday, Mr Honi and I found these beauties on the side of the road. They are now protecting our balcony entrance :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sorry if you're not into "tourist" pics, but i promised a few people I'd post some happy snaps.

Mr Honi - I miss you so much!! :)

We went for a massive trek today. We went to Tagaytay to a place called "People's Park in the Sky". It was this gorgeous little garden so high up that it literally felt like we were in the clouds. It was a perfect sunny day, but we were so high up that we were surrounded by fog!!

Then we trekked up a MASSIVE volcano and i got to have a go at firing a gun. That was pretty insane actually.

this is me up the top of the Volcano- and you can see the path to the right. It was so hot that I don't think there was one part of my top that was dry! (eeeww!)
and this is the crew from my work- overlooking the volcano. It's actually an "active" volcano (despite the water inside it) and there were little puffs of steam coming from holes in the rocks on the way up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thriller in Manila

it's always a good start to the day when you can't find a bowl to have your cereal in!! We have a meal voucher but cause we're leaving the hotel so early each day it's better to use the voucher for dinner and just have a quick brekkie in my room.
The work is pretty draining - but I'm still amazed each time i look out the window!! That big bushy section is apparently a cemetery. This is me on the grand staircase. sorry - it's a little blurry

and this is the tapestry i was telling you about in the last post. I've never seen anything like it in my life!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cause I' leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again

Well actually, I left yesterday and I'll be back in 2 weeks!

I've been seconded for work to the Philippines for 2 weeks. Thriller in Manila. I could have probably stayed longer, but with planning the wedding and chrissie I didn't want to cause any additional stress!!
So here I am. Typing from my cooly air conditioned hotel room, while outside the humidity awaits- its suffocating dampness overwhelming. The horn toots are endless and the whole place smells like sandalwood. The people here are SUPER friendly and all the hotel staff remember your name. It's crazy!!!

So while I am gone, here are a few piccies of the sights. For the highly un-travelled me, it's been a complete brain explosion!!
This was on the plane over. The sunset was amazing

This is the hotel lobby. That picture on the far left hand side is actually a tapestry. Yes you heard right a TAPESTRY!!!! It is completely insane. Makes my little embroidery projects pale in comparison!!

This is the view from my hotel room

and this is the view from our office. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I couldn't believe the smog, and the sprawling abodes. It really took my breath away.

I will have some more posts later in the week after I manage to do a bit of late night shopping :)

Mr Honi - I love and miss you so much!! xxx

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Easy as A..B...C

Well actually, it was super time consuming to cut out 52 letters and score them all in preparation for the 2 baby quilts.

Now I just have to sew them all onto the white backing and quilt them. One little bub has arrived 10 weeks early (and doing very well) so I need to start sewing super fast so I can give it to his mum and dad!
This is the aftermath on the lounge and coffee table. I think Mr Honi is quite sick of my nightly tracing and cutting ritual, and the continual "little bits of thread and fabric" strewn all over the carpet...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is.....something I'm surprised I like

Well, this weeks "this is" theme is proudly brought to you by Earl and Cookie.

I'm sorry to any Adelaidians who read this blog, but I'm surprised that I actually liked Adelaide. I've had 2 trips from hell there - and then this time, I was stuck in a crappy hotel with a major walk to any shops/ civilisation, overlooking a cemetry, without Mr Honi for 2 weeks - so i've never been too fond of the place!

But I was surprised this time at how pretty the place actually is. The rolling hills, and the pretty churches. I'd like to be able to go back there and explore a bit more in my own time!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just passin time..

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with this little Kewpie stitching, but i just couldn't resist buying it!! I got if for ONE DOLLAR in Spotlight (it has 7 transfers in the pack)

It's really helping me pass the time here though. I think I might sew her onto an apron or something.

I just love the detail on her little head piece

On my desk Wednesday (again on the wrong day)

Well, I'm still in training each day. This is a picture of my fave Kikky K travel wallet, my "Love Libby" Pencil case in divine Michael Miller fabric and my morning tea - a cuppa and a muesli bar.

My weekend

I was lucky enough to be able to go home to Sydney last weekend (from Adelaide) Mr Honi and I had our "marriage prepartion" course. WOW. It was intensive!! Questions like:
- Do you enjoy visting you future in laws?
- Are there personal habits about your partner that annoy you
- Do your friends approve of this marriage.
ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE QUESTIONS! Crazy! But I reckon we passed with flying colours (bit awkward if we didn't!)

Anyways, Mr Honi and I made it out to the Crows Nest Fair on the Sunday which was awesome. They block off the whole main street and have food stalls and markets. I only bought 2 things - a pair of fisherman pants (i LIVE in these during summer) and this little purse from "Love Libby"

We also had a little splurge at the FLower shop and got a few hanging baskets with Fuschias in them. The flowers are sooo pretty!

did you know....

....that Jims mowing makes "safety check tags" as well as mowing peoples lawns??


Maybe it's just an Adelaide thing??
ik'm a little bit sick of this palce now. I'm sure it's super lovely if you're not cooped up in a hotel with no means of transport and limited funds

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is my favourite Movie

This weeks "This is" meme is from the wonderful Hokey!!. This was a REALLY hard one, so I've narrowed it down to a few.....
Funnily enough, hokey had quite a few double ups as me!
Ok, first off. The worlds most under-rated movie ever!! When it came out, i had no interest AT all. Hired it one night reluctantly and completely fell in love. Based on a True story. Anthony Hopkins does a GREAT Kiwi. Just one of those "nice stories. No blood or guts or nastiness.
Next, Picnic at Hanging Rock - a complete classic. I was devastated when Mr Honi told me it wasn't based on a true story (which I had ALWAYS though it was!)

Cinema Paradisio - this was actually Mr Honi's fave movie. He hired for us to watch and i simply loved it. A young kid befriends an old man who runs the local cinema. Simply gorgeous and subtitled.

The notebook. The most romantic, lovely wonderful love story ever written. I think i used an entire box of tissues on this one!!

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle stop cafe. A wonderful little story - again just a nice story - with a killer twist!! Juno - The music in this movie makes it a fave from the get-go. A really sweet movie. She's funny and quirky and NATURAL like a teenager should be! (maybe not the whole teenage pregnancy thing i guess though)and last but not least, a childhood fave. The Labyrinth. David Bowie at his finest. This is a must see for anyone who likes fantasy stories, and Jim Henson.

Monday, October 13, 2008

On my desk Wednesday

i know, i'm posting this on a Monday, and it's actually my hotel bed not my desk, but i fear i will not have time on Wednesday!!

As I am stuck here for 2 weeks (luckily i get to pop home to Mr Honi and StevieB (the cat) on the weekend) I decided to bring down some hand sewing. So i'm trying to applique the letters for the baby alpahbet quilts. It's a bit tricky but twill pass some time!

Tagged!! 6 Unique Things

OOO.....checking my blog, and I found some blogging love from the lovely Jess, the Crafty Librarian!! Ok, so here goes!!

The rules:
- Link to the person who tagged you.
- Mention the rules.
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
- Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

6 unique things about me:

1. I have 5 separate tattoos. When you see me, you wouldn't expect it at all. And they're all hidden!! (3 butterflies and 2 flowers if you're interested!!)
2. I used to be able to pick up almost any instrument and play 'mary had a little lamb' within a few minutes. I haven't tried it in a few years though
3. I had my galbladder taken out 2 years ago. This is known as a "fat and forty" operation. Fair enough i could lose a little weight, but I'm not fat, and i'm only 28!
4. I was dyslexic as a child. I think I just grew out of it- but it was quite ditressing when I was younger though
5. I love to listen to Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin - actually all "oldies" hits.
6. I'm double jointed in my elbows

ok. so now I will tag....
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back from outta action..

After spending 3 idyllic days in Nelson Bay, Mr Honi and I returned home, only for me to jet set off interstate for work.

So here i am in a hotel in Adelaide. Alone. and bored senseless!! I thought I might have a pretty view. But no. I look onto "scaffolding". brilliant. I've lined up a few friends - were they not $9 a pop I'd down them all for a bit of entertainment!!
Luckily I have my laptop, so I've managed to whip out a few posts - considering it's been almost a weeks since my last post.

Big Cat's Emporium - I had so hoped to play in Blogtoberfest. and Mikes, oh Mikes your gorgeous "fabric stash" game made me cry with envy when I looked at some peoples stashes. I would soo love to play but being on holidays (on beach sans computer - probably a healthy thing actually) and interstate training, I really haven't had the time. (excuses, excuses i know)