Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inspired + 2009 resolution

Well, the lovely Veronica Darling has inspired me with her "100 Outfits" pledege. I'm going to try my very bestest this year to "refashion, remodel, and create" as many outfits as possible. I might even do the "Wardrobe Refashion" pledge again. So when I needed a new dress to wear this New Years to a BBQ, I decided to make one.

I made it without a pattern (loosely based on a dress I own now) and i'm prety darn pleased with the way it turned out considering it started life as a bedsheet from Vinnies!!
The back kinda fishtails and sits really nicely. This pic just kinda shows how simple the pattern is. Just 2 large squares...

this is why.....

i keep a camera with me at all times.

I see so many cool things and I'm fascinated odd little things- and it's much easier than explaining all the aweseome things I see in a day. (this is the BEST list of things I've ever heard though!!)
houses on trucks are pretty cool to watch.

If i owned a shop, I'd like it to be this one..

Good Deeds this Chrissie

I decided to do something with a bit of meaning this Christmas. So on Christmas Eve I went into the Salvation Army (with a heap of people from work) and helped set up for Christmas Lunch at the Carriage Works in Redfern. It was a huge day and although I only helped set up, I pictured the anticipated 1200+ people sitting down to a hearty meal on Christmas day and it did make me feel all warm and fuzzy....

Tell you what - it also restored my faith in humanity. Above is a picture of SOME of the presents donated over the chrissie period for needy children.

It's definitely something I'll be doing again next year

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bags, Tags and Cookies

I've been crafting up a storm last weekend. Baking, sewing, gluing, beading etc, etc. Mr Honi was quite amazed.

I managed to fulfil the orders I had at work for a few of these handy bags (great for lunch or a spare pair of shoes if you're walking to work)
these are the different materials I made some of them in. I love this yellow one above - it's was a pre-loved bed sheet from Vinnies!

(my camera is looking a little blurry around the edges. It had a little fall off the table on Sunday)

My present tags (i have a major thing for vintage baubles)

and the wonderful gingerbread men I made. The cookie cutters are super cute and have bites already taken out of them.
I am totally into the festive season now and can't wait to give presents on Thursday!!!

Is it Cat nip or Pussy Willow??

Stevie enjoying the warmth of a terracotta pot

Friday, December 12, 2008

I've Missed you all!!!

Oh dear Bloggers, how I have missed thee!! After a long period of non-blogginess I am ready to start posting again. While I was away I didn’t get time to read all of your wonderful posts so I was a bit daunted when I came back to blogs FILLED with posts I had to catch up on. Plus I was so hectic with other things I hadn’t been my usual crafty self – even Mr Honi mentioned it.
So now, I am back into the crafty swing of things and have been delighting in making a few Chrissie things.

Thanks to Mikes link to the Pattern Bee free Chrissie patterns I made this little caroller the other night. I think she’d destined for Mum's Chrissie card

Find of the century!!

Bring on the holiday council clean ups!! People being ruthless and getting rid of all their old possessions. On Wednesday, Mr Honi and I found these beauties on the side of the road. They are now protecting our balcony entrance :)