Monday, December 22, 2008

Bags, Tags and Cookies

I've been crafting up a storm last weekend. Baking, sewing, gluing, beading etc, etc. Mr Honi was quite amazed.

I managed to fulfil the orders I had at work for a few of these handy bags (great for lunch or a spare pair of shoes if you're walking to work)
these are the different materials I made some of them in. I love this yellow one above - it's was a pre-loved bed sheet from Vinnies!

(my camera is looking a little blurry around the edges. It had a little fall off the table on Sunday)

My present tags (i have a major thing for vintage baubles)

and the wonderful gingerbread men I made. The cookie cutters are super cute and have bites already taken out of them.
I am totally into the festive season now and can't wait to give presents on Thursday!!!

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Cass said...

Bec great bags and I love the look of those gingerbread men