Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing with Dolls....

Ms Badskirt has made me completely obsessed with finding all my old dolls furniture! I visited my folks the other day and found a portion of my treasure trove of vintage furniture. These were my mums pieces from when she was young. I love the bright pinks and greens. The wallpaper background is actually Vintage wallpaper from my granparents house. I would totally cover a wall in house with it if MrHoni would let me!
I also found these old dolls which belonged to my Aunty. This girl I believe is called a Tressy doll – and was made after the popular Crissy doll. She has a button on her belly that you press and her hair grows! She’s in a vintage Barbie dress (which I need to do a OT of repair work to) and a matching Barbie headscarf.
This gorgeous girl has 1963 stamped on her, and a lovely set of real eyelashes. She needs a lot of work done though as her face has discoloured during storage and she has an awful case of “sticky legs” (you know when old dolls turn sticky?? Eeewwww…..) Anyone have any tips on restoring Barbie?
Anyway I am rather delighted with my finds – I think finding old things packed away after years is like going thrifting but without spending any money!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chrissie Lights

Mr Honi loves putting up Christmas lights - which is great because I love looking at them!

This is from the outside

and this is from the inside - i said it feels like living in Avatar!