Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is.....what scares me

.... Mess..... scares me (part 2 of the lovely "Three Buttons'" Game"

....I'm also scared of spiders, moths, death, vomiting - to name a few things. Mr Honi made the final move into my house on the weekend, and this is what the place looked like. I had cold sweats thinking about how much stuff we needed to fit into a relatively small place. It was good though becuase we managed to purge a lot of suff. So to stop the hording that occurs (namely on my part) we will throw one thing away ( or give it to the Smith Family or Vinnies) each time we buy something new.

Friday, January 25, 2008

uummm..hello gorgeous material in Spotlight!

After my thrifting effort, I decided to pop into Spotlight quickly to pick up some material for my quilt - which I'm hoping to finish before this winter!
Anyways, I managed to stumble on some gorgeous Michale Miller Teapot fabric, and some uber cute mushroom fabric that I had been eyeing off at nuno...

Then the afternoon turned pear shaped when I went and had ROOT CANAL THERAPY at the dentist :( So at least I had an enjoyable morning!

Thrifting gloriousness..

I took a few things into vinnes today and I thought I might as well have a little look-see inside while I was there. I was delighted to find a few vinatge patterns (all from around the early 1970's) which I think I might sell on Etsy - once I actually get around to loading things on there properly!! If anyone is intereded in any of these patterns let me know and I'll load them on a bit quicker

this one for dollies is my favourite i think!!

30 days of the Everyday...day ten

it keeps me going...

30 days of the Everyday...day nine

My very curious kitty...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So that Mr Honi and I don't forget to pay our bills I decided to make an organiser last night. It will be super handy to keep track of those pesky menu's that either multiply themselves, or disapear never to found again! (these are genreally the ones from my fave resturants, that I have highlighted and made notes on what was good or bad for next I order!)

Super Easy to make - I was inspired by a project in this months "Notebook" magazine. They used wood and a staple gun - but I sewes mine and used a foam board so that it can be a pin board too.

Leave a comment if you want the instructions :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is my.....

favourite tea cup...

I've jumped on another bandwagon and started to play the "this is my fave...." game over here at Three Buttons...
this teacup / sacuer set and strainer were given to me my a very dear friend. I have some lovely vintage teacups and saucers, but I think the fact that this one was given with lots of love makes it all the more special...and the tea tastes beautiful out if it - especially if I'm sitting out on the balcony reading a good book!

Alice Blue Bonnet..

i was thinking about my favourite golden books - prompted by this post over at Mikes and I chose "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet". I had a little seach on google and found this.....
I remember sitting in my grandparents house while grandma read this to me.....so many nice childhood memories!

The Little House

a lovely little disney tale about a little house on a hill in the country.....I totally want to live in a house that looks like this!!

30 days of the Everyday...day eight

sunday afternoon spent planting new little seedlings for our new little herb garden (well herb pot plant) I can't wait to whip up some tasty dinners with some fresh herbs...

30 days of the Everyday...day seven

tea time on the balcony....mr honi found great amusement in my oversized teacup planter..

he wants to have people over for tea just so he can ask them if they want a small or large cup...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Collecting goodness..

...here is a little sneak peak into 2 of my collections.

My mini viewer collection (which I was lucky enough to have featured in Frankie!!)
and my figureine collection. The vinnies up the road from me is an untapped goldtmine for little things like this!

30 days of the Everyday...day six

a flower i saw while I was waiting for the bus.....seems there is a bit of a "floral" theme in my pictures!

Purse Sewing

With the help of the glorious tutorial over here I attempted to make a few little purses last night. They're ok - but I need to work on my "straight line sewing”. It also wasn’t that easy working with the plastic stuff because it constantly stuck together and made my poor little machine moan and groan when it got snagged. I do love this fabric though!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

30 days the Everyday...day five

Mr Honi on my balcony looking at the sunset....the light from the kitchen reflected on the window - i like the way it looks like the moon a bit...

Monday, January 14, 2008

30 days of the Everyday...day four

Pretty calico kitty on my walk to work....i think she posed for me

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Toy

I am meant to be saving a little cash at the moment, but I just couldn't resist this adorable little Unazukin doll from Hong Kong. You ask her a question and she nods or shakes her head for the answer...

30 days of the Everyday...day three

an architechturally gorgeous walkway near my home

30 days of the Everyday...day two

i pass many beautiful gardens on my way to work in the mornings....this is one of the prettiest flowers I have seen on my way
I know I'm meant to post everyday - but some of by posts may be a little delayed. Mr Honi is in the proces of moving in, so things are a little krazeee at the moment!

Friday, January 11, 2008

30 days of the Everyday...

Well, a lot has been happening lately. Mr Honi will be moving into my place at the end of Jan, so this means - BIG clean up for me!!! So the last weekend was spent cleaning and doing little jobs to neaten the place up.
Little Buttons decided she'd like to help Mr Honi as he re-sealed the shower- by standing on his back to get a better look at everything. (scuse the bottom shot! - sorry babe)

I was going to try to re-fashioning some of the clothes in the piles here but I decided that they would go to a much better use if I gave them to Vinnies. I have kept a few little projects for myslef, but I ended up giving away 12 (yes TWELVE) garbage bags full of clothers! I seriously am the worlds greatest horder!

the final result - ONE THIRD empty!!

30 days of the Everyday...
I saw this great idea on the Mikes blog, and I thought it was a super idea to get me back into the regular swing of blogging... Basically I'll take pictures of my life for the next 30 days, and post them here...

Day One - Mr Honi's steak.
It's not really that interesting, but this thing was MASSIVE and I had to take a picture. He managed to eat the whole thing too!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Years

New Years was a quiet, lovely night spent with Mr Honi, this lovely lass and her boy. I made myself a pretty new dress (Simplicity 4589 top - but I just lengthened it) and I had embroidered the neck. I was VERY proud of my efforts!

Throughout the day, the sky was filled with Skywriters. I liked this one.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chrissie Things..

a little late I know, but here is a picture of my Christmas Tree. It's a vinatge tree from the 1960's. You can't really teel from the image, but it's a gorgeous aqua/turquoise colour. It belonged to my grandparents, and when they decided one year that they wouldn't put it up, I decided to follow the tradition for them and use it my home.

I've also got a few precious, vintage glass ornaments on there, and the trimming is a string vintage glass balls.
This tree brings me so many lovely memories of wonderful Christmases.

and here is litle buttons (or "Steve" as Mr Honi has re-named her) on the new bed she chose for herself. No matter how much you spend on a bed, she prefers the "Roses Only" box I was ready to throw away!! What a "green" little kitty I have!!