Monday, March 31, 2008

This is.....the contents of my handbag

Well I rather like this weeks theme (not that I haven't loved the other ones!)

Am rather much a sticky beak though, and looking at the contents of people's handbags rather fascinates me!!

Looking at the contents of my bag today though, I found it to be rather drab and empty!! I pretty much cleaned it out last night before I read the theme....Oh's still got a few pretty treasures in it!!

This is....the contents of my handbag (thankyou to Sharon of Iris and Lily)

  • My Moleskine Diary (my PRIZED possession! filled with pictures, business cards, maps, drawings etc)
  • Keys with a Diamond encrusted B (hehe not REAL diamonds)
  • a few bandaids
  • Stila Lip Gloss in Guavea
  • Natio Lip Gloss
  • Natio Lipstick in Dream (seems i have a "thing" for lip stuff!)
  • iPod with KikkiK "hippo" case
  • Benefit "glamourette compact"
  • Real immiatation Hermes wallet (thanks to Mr Honi's tripo to Thailand!)
  • an eyelimer
  • eclipse mints
  • a girlie hairbrush mum bought me
  • a ring that I need to fix cause the stone fell out :(
  • a pen
  • Neurofen
  • handcream

I Love Melbs!

Mr Honi and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend in Melbourne, in the luxurious Windsor Hotel, in their Victorian Suite courtesy of a little award from my work.
We certainly lived the high life with a 3 course dinner on Friday night, and their famous High Tea on Saturday afternoon.

We did a LOT of shopping, and I was SUPER excited about meeting Pip from Meet me at Mikes! I bought a lovely little necklace from there, which you can also buy in her online shop - Take a look!!

I've only been to Melbourne once before, and I am continually overwhelmed by the arcitechture of the place. The glorious old school buildings, the quaint alley ways and the masses of street art that is simply awesome. I could EASILY live there!!

and then we flew home. Happy to be seeing our little home and StevieB the cat again, but sad to be leaving at the same time. The early evening flight provided some gorgeous images...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is my.....Demon

This is my…Demon (care of Drewzel this week)

Gemini….The Twins.

I am generally the “nice twin” but sometimes the “evil twin” rears its ugly head and I will be fickle, easily bored, emotional, vicious, quick to judge and nervous.
I try not to let this side out too often – but sometimes if I’m tired or at the end of my tether, I can just snap.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vintage Childrens 4

My all time favourite story growing up. The folk of the Faraway Tree...illustrations by Dorothy M. Wheeler

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vintage Childrens 3

This was my mum's book and i still remember my dad reading me stories from it.

Looking at mums old books is a classic, as most of them have her name crossed out in the front and my Aunty's name scrawled over the top.....i think mum still has repressed issues with her doing that!!!

the illustrations are by Molly Blake, George Fry and Edward Andrewes.

After seeing everyone else's gorgeous pictures, I started to remember all the books I had including these ones and was upset to remember a MASSIVE clean out we had about 10 years ago. But thankfully mum remembered the huge tea chest we filled with both our old books. So, i think I know what I'll be doing this Easter long weekend!!!

Vintage Childrens 2

Scanner still refuses to play nicely with my computer, so photo's of books are going to have to do!!

Eloise Wilken has to be one of my FAVOURITE illustrators of children's books.
I always wanted to live in this house as a child!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Week of Vintage Children's Book Illustration

Thanks to Pip from Mikes for a very lovely posting game- "A Week of Vintage Children's Book Illustration"

I am excited about this one!!! However, as my scanner has decided to die a nasty death i'm going to have to fudge today's pictures for ones on the web (although I DO actually have her book at home)

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite - illistrator of "Elves and Fairies" has done some of my favourite pictures like these two...

Monday, March 17, 2008

just too cute...

...I felt a little sickie the other night, and so darling Mr Honi said he's make me cheese on toast. Then he comes out with the silver tray, cheese jaffles, a ripper cup of tea and a flower he handpicked from the garden....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This creation

This is my creation...well my painted creation at least ( I didn't MAKE the guitar obviously. Just found it on the side of the road) thanks to Betty the Geek for this weeks theme!

Thrifted Tuesday (but on Sunday)

Found this little beauty in the TINIEST little antique store that I have always wanted to go into, but it's always been closed. Today, it was open and she was there waiting for me!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is.....looking out my front door..

My front door is pretty darn boring. All I look onto is a wooden fence and my neighbours house. So, for this weeks' "This is" meme, I've decided to twist Brookes theme a little, and show you what I see when I look out my backdoor - it's a lot prettier!!

See, what did I tell you! The sun is shining, the neighbourhood kids are playing soccer and it's an all round hunky dory nice day..........Doo..doo...doo..lookin out my back dooor.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well, I have FINALLY managed to load my very first item on Etsy!! WOO HOO! I am super stoked.

Mr Honi is out on the Town with the boys tonight so I knew I had a few hours to be a hermit and work it all out!

For my first item, I have loaded one of my dolly brooches - this one is called Lucy

I will be added some earrings and some Easter cards either laster tonight or tomorrow, so make sure you take a little look :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

This inspirational board

this weeks "this is" theme, comes from the delightful Pip from Meet me at Mikes

When Mr Honi moved in a month ago, I had a MASSIVE clean out which involved putting all my bits and pieces from my "inspiration wall" into a box or pasted into my inspiration book. I felt I needed a fresh new set of ideas so I kept a few key pieces up there and have started my new board.

this is also my inspiration board - my CD collection. Music is my ultimate inspiration - it pumps me up or calms me down. Lyrics give me a lot of my crafty ideas!

and the winner is.....

Please email your postal address so I can send you your little package of goodies :)
Thankyou to everyone who commented and who reads my blog - i hope you get as much enjoyment reading it as I do writing it. And thankyou as well to all of you crafty girlies who inspire me with your blogs.