Monday, March 31, 2008

I Love Melbs!

Mr Honi and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend in Melbourne, in the luxurious Windsor Hotel, in their Victorian Suite courtesy of a little award from my work.
We certainly lived the high life with a 3 course dinner on Friday night, and their famous High Tea on Saturday afternoon.

We did a LOT of shopping, and I was SUPER excited about meeting Pip from Meet me at Mikes! I bought a lovely little necklace from there, which you can also buy in her online shop - Take a look!!

I've only been to Melbourne once before, and I am continually overwhelmed by the arcitechture of the place. The glorious old school buildings, the quaint alley ways and the masses of street art that is simply awesome. I could EASILY live there!!

and then we flew home. Happy to be seeing our little home and StevieB the cat again, but sad to be leaving at the same time. The early evening flight provided some gorgeous images...


katiecrackernuts said...

I spent six days in Melbourne last month and my piccies look a lot like yours. I just kept seeing things I liked. It's a great place to soak up, isn't it. I have pics from my trip on my blog too, my early March postings were among my first.

veronica darling said...

How funny we were in Melbs the same time! I'm still here, leaving tomoz! But my husbie and I stayed in the Windsor last year for a romantic getaway, isn't it fabulous!!!??? xoxo

Drewzel said...

Lucky you! You got to stay there! We just stuffed ourselves with food and waddled away :D