Friday, March 21, 2008

Vintage Childrens 2

Scanner still refuses to play nicely with my computer, so photo's of books are going to have to do!!

Eloise Wilken has to be one of my FAVOURITE illustrators of children's books.
I always wanted to live in this house as a child!!


AnastasiaC said...

Yes! a gorgeous house - cute illustrations!

Ulla said...

I really would like to try a swing like that, hanging so high! These pictures make you wonder what is in the house.

Sherrin said...

me too! I looove Eloise!

Alfalfa Crafts said...

Its funny because the day I happened upon your blog, I had just embroidered an outline of one of the children in this picture book onto a bag. I ended up changing her face into a rabbit, as I found it really hard to get the face right. I've had this book for a while and can't wait to use more pictures in it. Thanks for the inspiring vintage children's book week.

Anonymous said...

The first apartment, older brick building with yellow trim covered in ivy, I think reminds me of a one of the illustrations in this book, I’ve been obsessed with finding the book since then. Can you tell me any of the details about your copy to help me track it down? Publisher etc.?

Thank you!

Bec said...

Kristina - what's your email address / blog site so I can respond to you?? bec