Friday, March 21, 2008

Vintage Childrens 3

This was my mum's book and i still remember my dad reading me stories from it.

Looking at mums old books is a classic, as most of them have her name crossed out in the front and my Aunty's name scrawled over the top.....i think mum still has repressed issues with her doing that!!!

the illustrations are by Molly Blake, George Fry and Edward Andrewes.

After seeing everyone else's gorgeous pictures, I started to remember all the books I had including these ones and was upset to remember a MASSIVE clean out we had about 10 years ago. But thankfully mum remembered the huge tea chest we filled with both our old books. So, i think I know what I'll be doing this Easter long weekend!!!

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Net said...

This looks great, hope you post some of the other books you find too!