Monday, March 3, 2008

This inspirational board

this weeks "this is" theme, comes from the delightful Pip from Meet me at Mikes

When Mr Honi moved in a month ago, I had a MASSIVE clean out which involved putting all my bits and pieces from my "inspiration wall" into a box or pasted into my inspiration book. I felt I needed a fresh new set of ideas so I kept a few key pieces up there and have started my new board.

this is also my inspiration board - my CD collection. Music is my ultimate inspiration - it pumps me up or calms me down. Lyrics give me a lot of my crafty ideas!


Kyla said...

Oh, wow, you have a lot of CD's. I love the pictures that you have on your inspirational board. They are very beautiful. Have a super day

Fibo said...

I made comment but I think my computer gobbled it up :( was just saying thanks for your comment on my blog, it's always nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one in the world who has gone through this hehe.
I like your inspiration board, if my walls were considered an inspiration board then ours would be similar because mine is covered in Frankie posters too!

Anonymous said...

aahhh, the merging of assets.

It is always important to keep your inspiration up.

Love the images on the wall, I can see why you kept them on display.

Thankyou for sharing. love it

Claire Falkingham said...

Nice wall Bec, and great collection of CD's. I agree with you on the music factor, it's a great inspiration. It amazes me how some songs/artists appear and reappear throughout our life.

Maureen said...

The changes we make when 'he' moves in Bec...btdt. ;-)

Nice cd collection; I am trying to sort thru mine and see which ones merit Ipod status and which are ready for the thrift shop.

Cass said...

Bec- not sure if you will read this but I just saw your post here ( and not sure if you know but The Remnant Warehouse is moving and having a BIG sale starting 15th March