Monday, March 31, 2008

This is.....the contents of my handbag

Well I rather like this weeks theme (not that I haven't loved the other ones!)

Am rather much a sticky beak though, and looking at the contents of people's handbags rather fascinates me!!

Looking at the contents of my bag today though, I found it to be rather drab and empty!! I pretty much cleaned it out last night before I read the theme....Oh's still got a few pretty treasures in it!!

This is....the contents of my handbag (thankyou to Sharon of Iris and Lily)

  • My Moleskine Diary (my PRIZED possession! filled with pictures, business cards, maps, drawings etc)
  • Keys with a Diamond encrusted B (hehe not REAL diamonds)
  • a few bandaids
  • Stila Lip Gloss in Guavea
  • Natio Lip Gloss
  • Natio Lipstick in Dream (seems i have a "thing" for lip stuff!)
  • iPod with KikkiK "hippo" case
  • Benefit "glamourette compact"
  • Real immiatation Hermes wallet (thanks to Mr Honi's tripo to Thailand!)
  • an eyelimer
  • eclipse mints
  • a girlie hairbrush mum bought me
  • a ring that I need to fix cause the stone fell out :(
  • a pen
  • Neurofen
  • handcream


Maureen said...

Cute skin on your Ipod. I had one but was creeped out by the feel. ??? Too skin like, I guess.

Kyla said...

What a cute compact! I have a journal that I take with me everywhere so if I have a brainwave I can write it down before I forget :)
Cheers Kyla

Sherrin said...

how bizarre is that girlie hairbrush!!