Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is my.....knick knack / jewellery box

Well, it appears that someone is VERY slack with their posting! :( Sorry girls!

Between working draining hours, organising a hens day in the Hunter Valley and trying to get some sleep (we have possums in the floor [we live above a house, so it's thier roof / floor] and the buggers sound like they're playing soccer at 4am EVERY morning) I haven't had much time to post!
But for this week's "this is" theme, the lovely Anastasia selected "This is my knick knack / jewellery box" which I was very excited about

This is jewellery box. a Vintage mini closet that my Great Aunt gave me. First drawer has bracelets, neckalces in the second, rings in the third and buttons/badges in the bottom drawer.

Then for all my earrings I use one of those display dollies. I ADORE earrings. I reckon you can wear any plain old outfit and make it look fantastic with a big pairof earrings.

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