Monday, April 14, 2008

This is my.....perfect Dinner Party

This Weeks "this is" topic, is proudly presented by Lily and Agathe

This one proved a little challenging for me actually. Other than my dear friends and Mr Honi, I really had to think about who else I would invite!!

1. I think I would have this splendid man (hoping he would delight the group in a little "pre-dinner serenade"...)

2. The Queen. Now, she sometimes seems like a right old snob, but after watching the series on TV about the Royal Family, I think she'd have quite a "british" sense of humour!! Plus I like her colour coordination skills and her brolly. And I wouldn't complain if she felt like bringing her grandsons along either!! ;)

3. And finally, Max Dupain to teach me some skills in photography

I could go on and on for ages though i would also like Nick Drake , Beatrix Potter , Rob Machado, Donavon Frakenreiter, and many, many more!!


Cooking My Life said...

HRH does not look amused. I'm sure your dinner will allow her to 'get down' with Ben esp if you are generous with the gin. ;-)

Anonymous said...

what do you think the Queen and Donovan would talk about? I bet she would be wonderful at small-talk with anyone and everyone. all those formal dinners she has had to sit through. thanks for a great list