Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thrifting in my own house...

....yes, it sounds weird, but i did it the other day. My darling Ma is getting a new kitchen and took some boxes of old bits and pieces into the storage room under the house. That's when all hell broke loose and an avalanche of boxes and bits and pieces rained down on her.

So, I offered to take a day off work to go around and help her start to clean it out (which I've been saying I'd do for YEARS)

So just to set the scene - I rocked up at 7.30am to a room the size of an average bathroom completely filled floor to ceiling with boxes. I've never really thought about what's in there until we started tro clean.

And OMG, did I hit the jackpot!!! Turns out my aunty, great aunt and grandma are ALL Hoarders and don't appear to throw anything out- they just store it at Mum's!!
So infront of me were boxes FILLED with Vintage goodness! We only managed to get through about 10 boxes (theres about another 30-40 to go!)

and just look what I found......
About 30 odd "old fashioned peg doll" kits my mum made up about 20 years ago (Now I know where my craftyness comes from!!) I remember going to a market with her and she only sold ONE kit. She was so upset that she boxed them up and never tried to sell them again, which was so sad.

So I made one up, and thy are SUPER cute. So I'm going to sell them on Etsy for my Ma :) Just need the time to load them!!!

the most gorgeous mini Swan Lake pictures (now on my inspiration wall)

and about 10 big eyed girl/boy pictures! This was my fave.

Plus sooo much stuff I am yet to take pictures of including Figgjo Dinner Set, orange floral 70's tea set, 50's gloves, 70's cluster rings, vinatage cake plates...oooo soo much!!!


Cass said...

I had one of those big eyed girl pictures. I'm lamenting all the things I should have kept from my childhood

Claire F said...

I LOVE the big eyed pictures - some of them are jsut so hauntingly beautiful!

Sherrin said...

OMG- how lucky are you?! Can I come help clean up the bathroom?!~!!!