Friday, September 21, 2007

Flashback Friday

i loved that little trike!!

and i don't think my darling mother ever let me leave the house without a ribbon in my hair!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Loving these artists...

In my search for all things gorgeous, I came across this scrumptous work... by Amanda Visell.
It's got that 50's / 60's feels about it, like another of my fave artists...Josh Agle otherwise known as Shag

Been a bit slack!

Well darlings, Ive been a bit slack with the blog updates, but super busy with life!!!

First to the exciting news.....Lady Aimz and I had our first Jewellery party the other night and it was wonderful!! We were both REALLY nervous that no-one would buy anything, and agreed that we would be happy if we made $50 between the 2 of us.
End of the night and $340 later and we were both very happy chickies!!!
This was the mock set up of my section of the stall...

My "glasses chains" were surprisingly my best seller with a few people putting in orders for more!!

So now that I've sold a heap of stuf, I've got to be a busy little bee and make some more!! Hopefully I'll get some done over this APEC long well as enjoy a few cheeky drinks :)