Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pretty Dress

Forgot to post about this one. I made a dress for Ditty's Blythe "Araelia Sakura".... I am REALLY happy with it. Am considering making these to sell.....what do you think?
I ammended a patten from the Puchi Collective website

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making Blythe Eye Chips

I decided to do a little experiment to make some eye chips for Lilly. I took out her factory orange eye chips and used some two part mixing rubber to make a mould for the chips.

After I made the mould I mixed up some resin and let it set overnight. I wasn’t sure which side would work – the bottom half of the top half – I even thought of gluing the 2 together.

Once the resin had cured I painted it with some basic acrylic paints and I used a watercolour shimmer paint to give the opaque acrylic paint a metallic look.

There were a few “fails” along the way.
- I used to coarse a grain to buff the resin which scratched one eye
- The top half didn’t have the “depth” to it that the bottom half with the little knob did.
- The bottom half worked best, but had a very flat and reflective surface to it. I think I’d be best making a deeper mould and sanding it into a rounder shape.

Overall I’m happy with my first attempt at making Blythe eye chips – I will definitely persist with it till I get it right!!