Thursday, July 30, 2009


Enough clutter, enough crap, enough cheaply made little bits and pieces that I hoard...enough tables & shelves, enough doubling up of things "just in case one breaks"




phew...ok...As you can see below, Mr Honi and I have PLENTY of things to get rid of over the next few weeks. As I said in a previous post this giveaway is going to be HUGE so keep checking here for updates over the next week or so.

DIARY NOTE: We will be having a stall at the Car boot sale through the East Ryde Scouts on SUNDAY 16th AUGUST. In the Park at Cnr Twin and Badajoz Rd, North Ryde.

We will be over stocked with glassware, doilies, tablecloths, pictures, paintings, clothing, books, china, figurines (including some coalport flowers) with the majority of the stuff hailing from the 50's/60's/70's/80's.

Come check it out - or even just pop on over to say hello :)

EDIT: As a few of you have asked about it, I will post more details about car boot sale closer to the date and I will include a map. It runs from 9-3 and only sells second hand items. It's a lot of fun and you can pick up some good early bird bargains!! I recommend getting there a little ealrier than 9 if you're keen though- becuase that's when all the dealers are scouting around!!
If you're intereted in having a stall there, then visit this link to East Ryde Scouts webpage (and go to the very bottom)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little too Literal??

I had a good laugh after this conversation in Woolies last night….

Mr Honi: I have to tell you something

Me: yeah ok, what’s up honey?

Mr Honi: You know that shampoo you buy, well when I first looked at it, I thought it was REALLY cruel to animals.

Me: ummm….why?

Mr Honi: Well, it says that it uses the cuticles from baby seals!

Me: Pardon???

Mr Honi: Well, I THOUGHT it used the cuticles from seals, until I re-read the label properly. Plus I remembered that seals have flippers, not hands with fingernails – so they don’t really have cuticles.

Mr Honi then picks up said Shampoo and shows me the point of his confusion…..
....and that's the truth.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another before and after....and Housekeeping

The move is finally OVER!! Talk about a crazy week! New babies, new houses -it's all a bit exhausting!!

I thought I'd just show you a few pics of what we've been up to......

This is the Master bedroom before....(as you can see I managed to capture the essential bottle of wine required for house cleaning)
And drumroll........

Ta-Da.....The Master bedroom after!! A sun drenched, tranquil room that has a really cosy feel and is quite minimalistic (for me anyways) I am sooo proud of our efforts in this room! I wanted it to be very simple and uncluttered to ensure restfull nights and good sleeps.

Mr Honi and I wake up to this view in the mornings now and it is just magical. Wouldn't know that we're only around 12 mins drive from the city would you! We've got a very high bed, so when you look out the window all you can see are the tress. It feels like we're in the southern highlands or something!

And now for a bit of housekeeping!!

Cass @snailblazer- I haven't forgotten to post your paper, but it is SOMEWHERE in one of these boxes below!! I'm so sorry!! I will let you know when I post it!!

Rebecca @ Edward and Lilly - you are the lucky random draw winner of the hankies!! Please email me your postal address and I will post them to you (as soon as I find them!! They're with Cass' paper!)

As you can see - I still have a LOT of unpacking to do!! Sadly, my craft room was lowest on the priorities of unpacking. The Kitchen and bedroom were first cabs off the rank.
Posting will resume as normal as soon as I can actually reach my desk!!
oooooo can you imagine how stoked I was when I found Gram's stash of vintage tins??

and Lastly, the Divine sewing master 'Veronica Darling' has nominated me for a Blog lovin award :) Thank you so much- you're sweet. I am very slack on following this up so will need to nominate a few lovely girls in a day or two (or maybe a few more)
Giveaway details - the Super Duper blogtastic giveaway will also resume in about a week or two. Some items up for grabs for Sydney folk (cause they need to be picked up) are a Rug, shelves, surfboard, desk, old sewing machine and LOTS of other bits and pieces (that might be offered interstate too)!! I just need to take piccies of them all. But i will give you all proper notice :)
Lots of love to you all - be up an running in a few days!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Neicephew" has arrived and it's .......

A Girl!!!
Welcome to the world little Olivia Laurel.
I can't wait to meet you.

All of my love
Aunty Bec

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ooo New Blog Alert!!!

The Lovely Miss Luzi has got herself a new blog!! Waaahoo!!!

Make sure you check it out - she's a master with her lomo camera and a keen crocheter!!


.....well when it comes to blogging then yes, I am a TOTAL slackarse!!! but when it comes to packing, cleaning and painting then I'm the complete Queen.

Mr Honi and I move this Friday so every spare minute has been dedicated to the move. We've been cleaning out the new place, washing the walls, having steam cleaners in, cutting in, painting and then packing up all out stuff from our place.
I've also been a terrible slackarse when it comes to calling my friends too - and for that I am very, very sorry.
So I thought I'd just show you a sneak peak of how busy we've been.
A Yellowy creamy wishy washy coloured wall with nooooo inspiration at all.

AFTER: My beloved blue feature wall! With cool calming neutral coloured walls (the famous Dulux "Hogbristle" colour)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

It doesn't look like much, I know. Every time I post a picture, the damn quilt still looks the same!! But I have now hand sewen the star onto some green fabric. The emboridery loop is fantastic for handsewing and quilting.
Plus I have paper pieced the other squares so it's all ready to simply sew straight onto the backing fabric and then I can start quilting it. Neicephew is due on the 15th so I'm hoping it stays in until then so I can finish it!!

As you can see, I also have my bag that I haven't unpacked since brown owls 2 weeks ago - an my beloved Holga which I've resurrected. I need to try and get out to do more photography.

And this is Mr Honi's creative space! His new tool shed! Here he is demonstrating the hilariously over sized screw driver.
PS - I will be posting the winner of the hankies tomorrow (last chance people!) - PLUS I will also put the sewing machine up for grabs :) I should probably have built up to it, but we need to get rid of it now to make space!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soo childish but...

Google, are you trying to tell me something??

Trying to seduce me??

I'm flattered, I really am!

leaving a nice little comment on Jess' blog, and I'm told I have a hot rac!!

i told you it was childish!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My soon to be craft room

eee....soooo exciting!!! We're nearly done with the clean out.

You can see I desperately need to brighten the room up though with a lick of paint and a few pictures.

I've got some great shelves in place already, and I'll be using the old Singer Sewing machine table for my sewing table. It's got 2 lids that fold out to extend the table (kind of like a reverse drop leaf) It's quite a heavy table but we'll see how I go with it. So many of my dresses were made on this machine.

I wouldn't mind purchasing a new Ikea drop leaf table like the one over at the lovely Clutterpunk's place but this one will do me for the moment:) I still miss my OLD, OLD craft room - with the MASSIVE craft table though....
PS- don't forget to jump onto this post if you'd like the vinatge hankies!! I'll draw it on Thursday!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday on Friday

wow - I missed out on it yesterday!!!!!

For my Creative Space This week I'm working on some Google Sketch up stuff. This is my new very favourite application!! It's basically a 3D modelling tool, with all these interior design functionalities. You can also download all these pieces of well-known furniture too - you can see I used an Eames Chair (not that we can afford one though!)

It's free to download, and I have literally spent HOURS using it lately. It's also very user friendly and I highly suggest it for anyone planning a new home or small renovations. You can draw things to scale, select paint colours, carpet textures, wood floors and even customize it to drop in your own textures and paintings!!

Winner and New giveaway

The winner of last weeks Super Duper Blogtastic giveaway of the Vintage paper is Cass!! I'll email you and you can send me your address to recieve your prize!!

Up for grabs today is a set of 3 Goldenweave mens hankies (Very effeminiate mens hankies if you ask me!!). They have the letter "R" and some sweet crosses embroidered on them. New in box, from around the 1970s. Click on the pictute to enlarge the item.

Leave me a commenet if you'd like them!!

The giveaways seem small at the moment, but will get bigger throughout the weeks. I've got a sewing machine, oil paintings to give away and more!!!!