Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Card Swap

Well I have been super busy making all my cards for Nikkishell's Christmas card swap. As you can see, my once neat craft room has been totally messed up - but i had a lot of fun doing it!!

Each card had to be made out of things that were either rececyled, or from your stash. I made a massive lot of cards last year, and had quite a lot of left over materials to use.

i like this one - i thoughtI was very clever making it too. I had some gorgeous Christmas fabric (only a tiny piece though) so I scanned it on the puter, and printed it out on recycled paper!! That way I can use as much as I want, and I won't run out!!

Think this is my fave - it's my Blythe (who i have owned for a couple of months now, but it still yet to be named!!) sitting in my garden in her little christams outfit I made her.
If you are a recipient of one of my cards, I hope you like them!! :)
To the girls who have sent me cards so far - I am LOVING them and am will post pics of them soon. Big Thankyous!!! xx


mixtapezine said...

thanks Bec
I looooove my card and my cheery book mark xx justine

Charlene said...

Thank you sooo much for my card. I love love love the card and the bookmark! Such a great surprise! Thanks again and happy holidays

Regina said...

I really love my card. I especially love that you scanned the fabric to make paper. Brilliant!! Thank you so much to bookmark as well! It's officially my favorite bookmark. I use it all the time!