Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nearly Christmas

Well it's nearly Christmas and I STILL haven't got my laptop fixed. I need to take it to a place which is about an hours drive away, and only open weekdays (typical) and so I really haven't been able to find the time to take it there. So posts have been sporadic when I find the time before / after work!

I finished my cards for the "postcard swap" through Nikishell's website. I had a lot of fun making them - i hope my recipients like them too :) I didn't realise how much cool stuff I had in my stash that I'd forgotten about!!!

I have been trying to also finish Christmas cards to send to my family and friends. I have been frantically cutting and gluing and my craft room currently looks like a fairy has vomited glitter everywhere!!!

I know bitch about how busy it is, but deep down I truly love the craziness! Christmas is totally my favourite time of year. Especially when you find THESE little gems at your local video store for sale!!!!!

These are my childhood memories or wonderful Christmases. Dad and I would sit together on the lounge and watch these moveis on Christmas Eve while mum did the final toches to the Christmas table, and we were allowed a few peices of ham before it was "done up nicely" for the table.
THEN to completely add to my excitement, the SMH then gave away my FAVOURITE christmas movie with the paper on Sunday! The lovely little man at the counter seemed a little shocked at my squeals of delight!

On another note, I am completely obsessed with several things at the moment...

Nuno Fabric (so, so , sooooo want to buy some!!)

Threadless Tshirts like this one (and with their $10 sale on, I might just have to buy it!)

My Friend Anika's things on Etsty (0049Design)

Ok, well posting time is over now - back to fun things like emails, phone calls, direct mailings, how exciting does that all sound!

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