Wednesday, July 22, 2009


.....well when it comes to blogging then yes, I am a TOTAL slackarse!!! but when it comes to packing, cleaning and painting then I'm the complete Queen.

Mr Honi and I move this Friday so every spare minute has been dedicated to the move. We've been cleaning out the new place, washing the walls, having steam cleaners in, cutting in, painting and then packing up all out stuff from our place.
I've also been a terrible slackarse when it comes to calling my friends too - and for that I am very, very sorry.
So I thought I'd just show you a sneak peak of how busy we've been.
A Yellowy creamy wishy washy coloured wall with nooooo inspiration at all.

AFTER: My beloved blue feature wall! With cool calming neutral coloured walls (the famous Dulux "Hogbristle" colour)


Gina said...

Holy moley, that looks AMAZING. My eyes are popping out of my head!

Veronica Darling... said...

That's so excellent! Love feature walls!

Good luck with your move xoxo

Kylie said...

Wow! That's fantastic! It really does make a difference. :) K

veri maz said...

i think it might be the season for blogging slackness - i've been remiss myself, though moving house is a good reason to be absent

love the grandfather clock, sweet deco lines. does he go?