Friday, July 3, 2009

Winner and New giveaway

The winner of last weeks Super Duper Blogtastic giveaway of the Vintage paper is Cass!! I'll email you and you can send me your address to recieve your prize!!

Up for grabs today is a set of 3 Goldenweave mens hankies (Very effeminiate mens hankies if you ask me!!). They have the letter "R" and some sweet crosses embroidered on them. New in box, from around the 1970s. Click on the pictute to enlarge the item.

Leave me a commenet if you'd like them!!

The giveaways seem small at the moment, but will get bigger throughout the weeks. I've got a sewing machine, oil paintings to give away and more!!!!


Gina said...

You know, I'd love these girly mens' hankies. But I want to know if I'll be discounted from trying for a sewing machine if I get them!

edward and lilly said...

oh, I hope I'm not too late for this one, I love hankies and I'm an R!

Cass said...

How exciting Bec, thanks