Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another before and after....and Housekeeping

The move is finally OVER!! Talk about a crazy week! New babies, new houses -it's all a bit exhausting!!

I thought I'd just show you a few pics of what we've been up to......

This is the Master bedroom before....(as you can see I managed to capture the essential bottle of wine required for house cleaning)
And drumroll........

Ta-Da.....The Master bedroom after!! A sun drenched, tranquil room that has a really cosy feel and is quite minimalistic (for me anyways) I am sooo proud of our efforts in this room! I wanted it to be very simple and uncluttered to ensure restfull nights and good sleeps.

Mr Honi and I wake up to this view in the mornings now and it is just magical. Wouldn't know that we're only around 12 mins drive from the city would you! We've got a very high bed, so when you look out the window all you can see are the tress. It feels like we're in the southern highlands or something!

And now for a bit of housekeeping!!

Cass @snailblazer- I haven't forgotten to post your paper, but it is SOMEWHERE in one of these boxes below!! I'm so sorry!! I will let you know when I post it!!

Rebecca @ Edward and Lilly - you are the lucky random draw winner of the hankies!! Please email me your postal address and I will post them to you (as soon as I find them!! They're with Cass' paper!)

As you can see - I still have a LOT of unpacking to do!! Sadly, my craft room was lowest on the priorities of unpacking. The Kitchen and bedroom were first cabs off the rank.
Posting will resume as normal as soon as I can actually reach my desk!!
oooooo can you imagine how stoked I was when I found Gram's stash of vintage tins??

and Lastly, the Divine sewing master 'Veronica Darling' has nominated me for a Blog lovin award :) Thank you so much- you're sweet. I am very slack on following this up so will need to nominate a few lovely girls in a day or two (or maybe a few more)
Giveaway details - the Super Duper blogtastic giveaway will also resume in about a week or two. Some items up for grabs for Sydney folk (cause they need to be picked up) are a Rug, shelves, surfboard, desk, old sewing machine and LOTS of other bits and pieces (that might be offered interstate too)!! I just need to take piccies of them all. But i will give you all proper notice :)
Lots of love to you all - be up an running in a few days!!


Amy (badskirt) said...

Love the bedroom transformation. You've done a terrific job, Bec!

Bianca said...

Great bedroom transformation! I'm completely stumped as to where you find that view only 12 minutes from the city though!

Cass said...

No problems Bec, does this move mean you have moved away from the op shop!