Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Duper Blogtastic Giveaway!

Mr honi and I had another CRAZY weekend cleaning out my Grandmas place. We ended up with council clean up pile that this lovely girl might lust after!! This was ONE DAY's worth. There was a lot more!!

So, rather than stash all the treasures for myself, I’ve decided that this blog will host a blogtastic, super duper giveaway for the next few weeks. The lovely Kirsty started a “deal or no deal” giveaway a while ago, so I’ve decided follow her game. So here are the rules…

I want it - what do I do?
Leave me a comment on this post & I will randomly select a winner which will be announced when I post the next offering
What's the catch?
Some items may only be available to Aussie guys and gals, or even just Sydney due to postage weights.
If you are outside the area I have listed for free postage, but you REALLY want something and are happy to cover the postage costs let me know and I’ll estimate the cost for you.
Whats up for grabs??
We’re starting small today, with a lot of 2 pieces of Vintage wrapping paper that I believe are from the 1970’s.

I will also be updating my Etsy shop every couple of days so if you’re looking for vintage items, have a peek!!


handmaiden said...

beautiful papers

Cass said...

Wow that is some clean up pile.