Monday, June 1, 2009 this thing on??

It's been a bit tricky trying to get back into the swing of posting on a regular basis. We've settled back in to our daily routine so things are starting to return to normalcy.

The good news is that Mr Honi and I bought a new computer for Home on the weekend - which means I don't have to a) drag my laptop home from work each night or b) use my coffee / lunch time at work to post!

I still haven't managed to read all of the posts waiting for mr in bloglines. I will get there - I promise!!

On a side note - I'm now a total whizz at crocheting granny squares (if I do say so myself) but I can do it watching tv! I'm going to try and branch out to some trickier patterns this week. Here's a pic of my 1/4 done scarf

Plus, I am SUPER excited about going to Brown Owl this Thursday!!

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Lauren - Benbows Mum said...

Hi Bec,
love the scarf... i just finished one very similar just recently and LOVE it to bits!
was nice to meet you at the Brown Owls Meeting last night..