Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arrrr...that be tray-shure

(if you speak in a pirate voice, that heading DOES make sense!!)

I was going to buy some lovely yarn and wool at the fair, but I decided against it as it was all very beautiful wool and I felt I just couldn’t do it justice with my amateur crocheting. So, I was planning a little trip to Big W to stock up on a heap of coloured wools- until I found this!!!

Our Family is in the process of cleaning out my darling Grams place (she's ok - just in a nursing home for the permanently bewildered) . Anyway I was going through a cupboard and I hit the mother-load treasure. 2 whole boxes full of wool for granny squares!!! There’s a heap of baby wool too which is very handy as my new brother-in-law’s wife is due in July!!


Bianca said...

Woo Hoo! Good treasure finding me harty. Granny's tend to always have a stash of baby wool somewhere in their house I find.

Do you need help finding a pattern for a baby cardy?

Lauren - Benbows Mum said...

ohhhh... pretty colours!
got to love grannys for their wool and button stashes.