Monday, June 22, 2009

Neicephew's Potter Quilt...

I’ve made a start on neicephew’s quilt (I’ve named bubs "neicephew" as we still don’t know if it’s a boy of a girl!)

I’m going to do a leMoyne star in the middle alternating cream checked material and Peter Rabbit material, flanked by pale green triangles and I might add a yo-yo in the middle of the star. Then I’ll have squares around the star that are little scenes from the Beatrix Potter books. It’s a lot of fussy cutting and I’ve decided to sew it all by hand doing paper piecing.
In the long run I actually think it will be quicker, as I don’t have to spend time fixing up wonky edges and different seam allowances from when I use the machine. I MIGHT even try to hand quilt it.....ooooo....a bit daunting!! Doing it all by hand also means I can just pick it up at any time and do a bit. With machine quilting I tend to do it in spurts - i'll quilt every night for a week and then not do anything for a month. PLUS hand working it means it's perfectly neat too :)
On my mat you can also see my new leather thimble and a blue leather needle case that was my grandmas which I just love

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lisa tilse said...

Oh your lucky niecephew (LOVE the name)! That quilt is going to be gorgeous. I can't wait to see it progress.