Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is my.....Demon

This is my…Demon (care of Drewzel this week)

Gemini….The Twins.

I am generally the “nice twin” but sometimes the “evil twin” rears its ugly head and I will be fickle, easily bored, emotional, vicious, quick to judge and nervous.
I try not to let this side out too often – but sometimes if I’m tired or at the end of my tether, I can just snap.


Drewzel said...

oooh yeah, I'm married to a Gemini!

Anonymous said...

my sister is a Libran, same thing. The up-yo and the down-yo.

Love her to death though

Kathy said...

me too! I about 3 times a year things just get overwhelming and it can get pretty ugly around here.