Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chrissie Things..

a little late I know, but here is a picture of my Christmas Tree. It's a vinatge tree from the 1960's. You can't really teel from the image, but it's a gorgeous aqua/turquoise colour. It belonged to my grandparents, and when they decided one year that they wouldn't put it up, I decided to follow the tradition for them and use it my home.

I've also got a few precious, vintage glass ornaments on there, and the trimming is a string vintage glass balls.
This tree brings me so many lovely memories of wonderful Christmases.

and here is litle buttons (or "Steve" as Mr Honi has re-named her) on the new bed she chose for herself. No matter how much you spend on a bed, she prefers the "Roses Only" box I was ready to throw away!! What a "green" little kitty I have!!


littlesnoring said...

Great Tree. My Grandma had a similar wonder, but it was silvery green, too bad my sister nabbed it!

Bec said...

oooo no! I know exactly the type you are talking about! Maybe you can have turns each year??