Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inspired + 2009 resolution

Well, the lovely Veronica Darling has inspired me with her "100 Outfits" pledege. I'm going to try my very bestest this year to "refashion, remodel, and create" as many outfits as possible. I might even do the "Wardrobe Refashion" pledge again. So when I needed a new dress to wear this New Years to a BBQ, I decided to make one.

I made it without a pattern (loosely based on a dress I own now) and i'm prety darn pleased with the way it turned out considering it started life as a bedsheet from Vinnies!!
The back kinda fishtails and sits really nicely. This pic just kinda shows how simple the pattern is. Just 2 large squares...

1 comment:

veronica darling said...

You've been crafting like crazy!

I love using old bedsheets and doona covers for dresses! This dress looks great on you!


Happy New Year!