Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sorry if you're not into "tourist" pics, but i promised a few people I'd post some happy snaps.

Mr Honi - I miss you so much!! :)

We went for a massive trek today. We went to Tagaytay to a place called "People's Park in the Sky". It was this gorgeous little garden so high up that it literally felt like we were in the clouds. It was a perfect sunny day, but we were so high up that we were surrounded by fog!!

Then we trekked up a MASSIVE volcano and i got to have a go at firing a gun. That was pretty insane actually.

this is me up the top of the Volcano- and you can see the path to the right. It was so hot that I don't think there was one part of my top that was dry! (eeeww!)
and this is the crew from my work- overlooking the volcano. It's actually an "active" volcano (despite the water inside it) and there were little puffs of steam coming from holes in the rocks on the way up.

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