Monday, October 20, 2008

This is my favourite Movie

This weeks "This is" meme is from the wonderful Hokey!!. This was a REALLY hard one, so I've narrowed it down to a few.....
Funnily enough, hokey had quite a few double ups as me!
Ok, first off. The worlds most under-rated movie ever!! When it came out, i had no interest AT all. Hired it one night reluctantly and completely fell in love. Based on a True story. Anthony Hopkins does a GREAT Kiwi. Just one of those "nice stories. No blood or guts or nastiness.
Next, Picnic at Hanging Rock - a complete classic. I was devastated when Mr Honi told me it wasn't based on a true story (which I had ALWAYS though it was!)

Cinema Paradisio - this was actually Mr Honi's fave movie. He hired for us to watch and i simply loved it. A young kid befriends an old man who runs the local cinema. Simply gorgeous and subtitled.

The notebook. The most romantic, lovely wonderful love story ever written. I think i used an entire box of tissues on this one!!

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle stop cafe. A wonderful little story - again just a nice story - with a killer twist!! Juno - The music in this movie makes it a fave from the get-go. A really sweet movie. She's funny and quirky and NATURAL like a teenager should be! (maybe not the whole teenage pregnancy thing i guess though)and last but not least, a childhood fave. The Labyrinth. David Bowie at his finest. This is a must see for anyone who likes fantasy stories, and Jim Henson.

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Cass said...

I thought Picnic At Hanging Rock was based on a true story as well. I love it too.