Monday, October 13, 2008

the man i love gots style!

Mr Honi has impeccable style now, and his ma sure did a good job of dressing him in the cutest outfits ever!! Check out the "nautical" themed duds. Mr Honi informs me he had just tipped out ALL of his mums pot plants. She was pissed, but couldn't help taking a picture of his proud face that simply said "i helped you garden ma!!"

To me, this picture says "yep, this is livin".........i luuurve the alphabet print on these little cuties. I can't wait to have kiddies so i can make little outfits for them!!

and this is the best one of 'em all. The velour over-em-alls, the socks with sensible sandals. I just love it....and I love you Mr Honi! (from the soon to be Mrs Honi :) )

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