Monday, October 13, 2008

back from outta action..

After spending 3 idyllic days in Nelson Bay, Mr Honi and I returned home, only for me to jet set off interstate for work.

So here i am in a hotel in Adelaide. Alone. and bored senseless!! I thought I might have a pretty view. But no. I look onto "scaffolding". brilliant. I've lined up a few friends - were they not $9 a pop I'd down them all for a bit of entertainment!!
Luckily I have my laptop, so I've managed to whip out a few posts - considering it's been almost a weeks since my last post.

Big Cat's Emporium - I had so hoped to play in Blogtoberfest. and Mikes, oh Mikes your gorgeous "fabric stash" game made me cry with envy when I looked at some peoples stashes. I would soo love to play but being on holidays (on beach sans computer - probably a healthy thing actually) and interstate training, I really haven't had the time. (excuses, excuses i know)

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