Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seems I was always sewing....

I was flicking through a few photo albums last night, and was amazed to find a stack of pictures of me sewing. I knew that i always loved crafting and sewing, but i didn't remember sewing when i was so little!

displaying my hand sewn library bag with cross stitch detail

Sewing on our Easter holiday to Nelson Bay. Who knows why i decided to wedge myself between the 2 beds, when i could just have easily sat ON the bed

Seems i tried to recruit some friends to sew as well! Don't think we could sit closer to the TV either!

Then there were some other ones which made me realise what a weird kid i was!! Mr Honi always says that i'm a but kooky, but i think he really is right! What child dresses up to be a 1950's housewife??

excuse the glare on the image - it's a picture of a picture. I LOVE the old chair in the background too. Wish I knew where that apron went to - the fabric is devine!!

Did you sew as a child? Leave me a comment or link to some pictures!


amy.gunson said...

I love the old photos! I've been having fun posting some of mine and love to see others.

I'm not sure if you were dressed a 1950's housewife or nun from an convent/orphange adopting a cabbage patch kid. Either way, thanks for sharing!!


Cass said...

Bec those photos are so funny. No sewing here as a child, I think I got thrown out of textiles when I was in high school

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Oh how funny!! I sewed as a child, but no photos, I do have a felt cat softie that I made for my Gran (Ethel) when I was 9 though, it's a bit dodge in parts, but all hand done. I didn't sew again till I was well into my 30's, and now I don't think I shall ever NOT sew!

Nice apron - and those legs? I'd kill for legs that long!

The Crafty Librarian said...

I tried to sew as a child, but it never quite worked out. I blame being left handed. All the instructions were for right-handers! I have tagged you in the '6 unique things' game also. Have fun!

edward and lilly said...

Those photos are so fabulous!

I sewed a little bit as a child, I remember everything I made but then there was about a 15 year gap when I didn't and now I'm playing catch up with my sewing skills.

Can't say I ever dressed up as a '50s housewife but I guess someone had to do it :)