Monday, September 1, 2008


Mr Honi and I had a LOVELY weekend. We had lunch on one of my favourite pubs - PJ's in Drummoyne. I love the decor and the cosiness of it!
Then yesterday we went Strike Bowling! I haven't been bowling in AGES and it was soo much fun.
Mr Honi has a rather large and rather terrifying (if you're standing behind him) wind up.
Then we caught a ferry back to our car. On the walk home we passed a construction site where massive units are being built amongst sweet, quaint little houses. It's such a shame as it already looks like it's going to be a modern monstrosity compared to the heritage houses surrounding it. Anyway, on the edge of a pile of discarded items they've obviously found on the dig I found the head of a china doll. I have no idea if she's old or worth anything (if she had a body) but I just thought she was quite interesting! :) It wasn't stealing as it was in the rubbish pile and i felt funny picking her up but I just had to rescue her!

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