Monday, February 2, 2009

Thrifted Tuesday (but on Sunday, posted Monday)

The thrifting gods were shining down on me yet again. I found sooo many things to buy, and as I was just putting a few things away (as the wedding budget doesn't allow much spending) i saw the sign. 50% off all items.
So I walked away with...

A needlepoint book (which Darling Mr Honi found for me)

A gorgeous blue elephant that I passed up the week before, but I reckon if it lasts a week in Vinnies, and is there when I go back then it's fated to be mine!

2 lovely pillow cases, and a piece of material

and then this little beauty. I couldn't resist it.

And I got the whole lot for $12!!!! Could I be any happier??


Melanie said...

great finds. I love findy crafty books at thrift shops.

potty mouth mama said...

Oh man, you did soooo well - I love the elephant and the deer. And the pillowcases. And the fabric. And that just leaves the book. Which I am sure is ace too - go you!!