Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

This weeks creative space....brought to you from my lovely new stable table. I am slowly but surely maknig my way through writing all our wedding invitations.
We bought an embosser to do our initials on the cover. My bridesmaids dresses are the colour of the ribbon

Thanks Kirsty for such a great game! It really keeps me on track with blogging!


potty mouth mama said...

Oooh how exciting - looks so pretty. And that purple is gorgeous.

Kirsty said...

The invites look great Bec. Aren't stable tables just the best invention ever.

edward and lilly said...

How lovely, great choice fo colour for the dresses!

CameoRoze said...

The embossing looks superb! Gorgeous color in the ribbon.

Keepin' Creative,
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