Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thrifted find and a thrify helper

I popped into my favourite local Vinnies with the thought that I would just look.

No buying, just looking.

I don't know who I was trying to fool really.

Of COURSE I couldn't walk out empty handed!! When Mr Honi came in he found me struggling with 2 arm fulls of stuff. He spent 5 minutes putting everything back but we agreed that our budget could stretch to this doona cover. I simply adore the fabric!

Then we went into Myer to do our bridal registry (using their electronic scanner things was sooooo much fun!) and I found this book and HAD to buy it.

BUT....they listed my Vinnies, yes MY VINNIES as the top one in Sydney! I was devastated. No wonder it's been getting busier and busier.
Then I realised that the book has "outed" a lot of peoples favourite vinnies and secret squirrel shops. I kind of feel like a bit of a cheater now. It's so much more fun scouting for op shops or stumbling upon them when you're out.

I do love this book, but i think I'll use it sparingly. I don't want to encroach on other thrifters territory!


Cass said...

Bec I am assuming your Vinnie's is my favourite one too (although I have two and you could go to either) and I think I stopped myself buying that quilt cover last week. Might have to hunt around for that book

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Good for you Bec, I agree, keep it local and yours. It does my head in this kind of book, if you need a book to 'help' you find op-shops, you are doing it all wrong!