Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!

Mr Honi and I and a few friends trekked into the city today to celebrate Australia Day. It was a really great day - we don't really venture into the big smoke very often -even though we're only 15 mins drive away from it!! It's just too crazy sometimes!

Anyways, it was great to see some really cool things - this flower bed in Circular Quay,

the vintage double decker buses they had running throughout the day (i would have LOVED to have gone on one)

The Strongbow tree of chairs that they're using in their commercials at the moment

and a cool floating stage that hosted a range of bands all day.

We watched the tall ships come into the harbour, waived flags, had a few drinks, laughed, watching the fascinating passing parade and all in all had a lovely day!

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Veronica Darling... said...

Happy Australia Day!

Did you see Dan Sultan play on the pontoon? I hear he's fabulous and played y/day!

Great pics of the city! I'm amazed how little time I spend in the CBD. When I lived in Melbs I was there all the time, just hanging out. I guess it's just too big... but I still get excited seeing the bridge and the Opera House!