Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm wearing blue stockings today and they make me feel very happy. Sounds silly but the brighter the clothes I wear, the happier I feel!


Gina said...

On the contrary, I believe it's a documented fact that bright colours make us happy. I mainly do bright reds and greens... but you look fabulous in blue and mustard yellow!

Kylie said...

oh how fabulous! Good on you! I love to do this too but we've got 30 degree heat back in our faces here in Brisbane now :( Alas, my days of wearing tights are over for another year! Love the blue with the yellow boots! K

veri maz said...

i hear you there, i work with someone who only ever wears black/white/grey and i just don't get how she can't live with colour. I mean do some people find it scary?

I'm with you, it makes me happy :D