Monday, August 17, 2009

The Giveaway Begins!!

The Car boot sale on Sunday went wonderfully and it was lovely to see Lisa's smiling face pop in to say hello. Most of our vintage goodies disappeared at around 7.30!!! We had hungry dealers swarming the table quoting "you guys have the best stall here"
This is Mama Honi manning the stall. (Mr Honi stuck that little label on her that said "Dishwasher, $15")

Moving all those boxes of things to sell meant that I was finally able to get in and start taking some pictures of some of the items I have available for the Super Duper Giveaway!!

So, first item up for grabs is my beloved sewing mannequin. I purchased her from eBay a while ago, and gave her some much needed TLC. Unfortunately her bust is not as well endowed as mine and nothing I pin to her seems to fit me in the end! She would make a lovely display item, but Mr Honi and I just don't have the space.

She's made from plaster, is a little wonky and needs a little loving care (just tightening up all the screws a bit) - but she's going free to a good home!! She's on a stand and can extend to adult height

Please note: This is for people in SYDNEY ONLY as she is too large to post.

If you want her, simply leave a comment below. I will randomly draw a winner in 48 hours. If you are the winner I will email you, and we will need to arrange PICK UP from SYDNEY.

Good Luck!!


Cass said...

Hi Bec, sorry I missed yesterday just could not fit it in. Is she easy to adjust. If so I'll be in the draw

Kylie said...

I'm afraid I can't be in the draw as a Brisbanite (very sad about that) but I'm so happy for you that yesterday went well at the sale :) K

Kristy said...

oh I have the opposite problem, my old dressmakers dummy is better off than I am in that department, so I end up with fitting issues too! I'd love to give yours a new home, especially sine she is a lovely pink colour